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Pentax K-7


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Jan 9, 2008
All other current Pentax DSLRs have it, so presumably the K-7 does too.

Has "it"? 2D or 3D and what kind? And how well does it perform is what I'm looking for. Have you used the previous Pentax tracking system? How well did it preform? Any links to a spec-sheet or review of the K-7 tracking?


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Oct 5, 2006
Northern/Central VA
Oh bother...

And my Canon 50D is ~4 weeks old - drats, didn't see this particular one coming. :(

As I shoot 95% outdoors, landscapes, sunrise/sets, nature, sports, etc., in all kinds of weather, be it hot/cold, dry/wet, wonder how this new puppy compares to the 50D in build quality, photo quality, stability, longevity, and the such... :confused:

First of all, your camera isn't going to suddenly stop taking pictures. Secondly, rain covers are cheap. Thirdly, Pentax's lens line-up is currently worse than Sony's for shooting sports. Finally, this body won't even be available until July, and you can't take pictures with a camera you don't have.
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