people like Walmart's Alice Walton giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to Clinton Campaign


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May 3, 2009

An email from the Bernie camp paints a grim picture (text and its emphasis verbatim, not added or altered):

Our opponent is bending campaign finance rules to their breaking point all so Wall Street fat cats and people like Walmart's Alice Walton can get away with giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single contribution to benefit the Clinton campaign.
That can't be true, surely? And if it is, is it really a problem? How much money is or should be allowable? Or why would money from outside sources need to be used at all, for any politician?

Isn't it true that she's distanced herself from Walmart and has been getting massive union support? (I recall ABC News ran an article in 2008, whose headline said she was silent while Walmart attacked unions but, if nothing else, that shows she would not interfere in how businesses run themselves, which is a plus for obvious reasons.)