Peter Thiel - Most tech people have Asperger's?

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    May 1, 2010

    Who here works in tech, do you have Asperger's ?
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    Some famous examples:
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    I work as a SE for a blue chip tech company, I do not have aspergers that I know of, although lack of empathy and rigid behavior fit pretty well, my wife just says I am a grump.

    Peter seems to be focusing on startups, but tech is only half the equation, someone with poor communications skills is going to have trouble pitching their idea. I came out of the startup world so they are going to be competing with pretty slick tech oriented salespeople.
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    May 3, 2009
    Depends on who one asks in the field since misdiagnoses, especially mistaking Asperger's as being something else, is high.

    However, isn't it weird that CEOs and high end salespeople claimed to be Aspies have remarkable social skills and extrovert behavior, which seem contradictory to some of the key qualifiers of having Asperger's (lack of social skills)?

    Still on social media there are millennials who offer Asperger support groups and sales pitches - they claim to have it, but looking at their presentations they really seem to be good at doing the things every Aspie I've observed in support groups were clearly incapable of doing. I suspect, among other things, misdiagnosis on their part.
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    I've pretty much had enough of Peter Thiel. He's become something of a media whore.

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