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Phone never responds on first screen tap during phone call


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Original poster
Jun 16, 2009
This has been going on for some time now, definitely before iOS14 came around.

Whenever I'm on a phone call and holding the phone up against my face, if I move it away and try to press anything on the screen, the first tap is not recognized. 100% of the time. If I try to hang up, press speaker, click a number on the dial pad, etc. it never responds on the first tap. A second tap will then work.

Why would this be? I don't think it's the proximity sensor because the screen lights up which tells me that's functioning like it should, it's just not allowing a press to go through for w/e reason.

I don't have anything in Accessibility turned on and when I did a restart of the phone the other day, it seemed to work fine for a very short while and now today it's back to happening consistently. Is this a bug others have run into, or maybe somehow the device is faulty? iPhone 11 Pro that I've had since May of this year.
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