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Jun 15, 2009
Middle TN
Still cannot drag images within albums beyond the computer screen. The update destroyed two albums of 100's images each. So I must remake the albums from the library, 100's of images. And with 100's of images there will be no dragging and positioning order, as Apple broke dragging positions in Big Sur. If this app weren't tied to iCloud so tightly I'd trash it.


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May 16, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Very sorry to hear of this.

For what's it worth, I have a certain nervousness around (Apple's) proprietary apps. In the case of my Photos, I keep all my pictures in a separate folder, and then named sub-folders within that - most often by year. Most photo manipulation I do by opening a specific image in Preview and working there. When I do choose to use Photos for other stuff, I do the work there and then Export the project out of it again. I keep nothing of value within Photos.

I backup my Pictures folder (or specific sub-folders when changed) manually to an external drive, as well as to a couple of Cloud accounts - though not iCloud, which really hasn't the free space for that.

And, for the most part, any pics I take on my iPhone I sync to an Cloud account (most often Dropbox) to access / edit later on my Mac. Meanwhile, via iPhone sync, I still have my pictures from my Mac (still in their sub-folders) available on my phone.
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