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    Oct 18, 2004
    ***Apologies if this is against any forum rules/regulations. I searched for about 5 minutes on the topic and could find no mention of its 'legality'. Please remove this if it is not allowed. I do not intend this to be spam.***

    As most of you are aware, Gratis Networks operates a number of websites whereby users can receive free products by (1) completing one of a number of 'offers' and (2) refering a certain number of people to do the same. Well, they have recently launched a site to do just that for the new 40GB Photo iPod.

    If you are skeptical as to the legitimacy of this website, please refer to the following links.
    Free Photo iPod Guide

    How this Conga Line Works
    By signing up under the first person's referral link and completing an offer, you help them reach their target of (in this case, for the Photo iPod) 10 referrals. Once they have their ten referrals completed, they drop off the top of the list, and the next person moves up. The more people that participate, the faster the line will move.

    How to Sign-up
    1. Sign up using the referral link of the first person in line.
    2. Email me at with iPod Conga Line in the subject line (if you are not comfortable with this, PM me on this board or reply here). In the email, include who you signed up under, the email address you used to sign up, your referral link, your ID to be used on the conga line, and the deal you have completed.

    You will be added to the list in the order that I receive the emails. Each person will have two weeks for their offer to reach completion as some offers have longer completion times than others. If your offer does not reach completion within the two week time frame, you will be dropped off the list.

    For a good guide to which offers are best to sign up under, please refer to this link.

    You will receive an email from me when the current leader has 5 referrals to confirm your referral link. Also, the current leader is required to keep me up-to-date in terms of their number of completed referrals. Please note, referrals do not all have to come from this site. However, if you refer your friends to this site, they will get their iPod quicker, and the entire line will move faster for everyone!

    Once the leader of the line has 10 referrals, they will be moved off the list. The next person will be moved up, and the process will begin again. If the referrals for the recently exited leader do not all turn out to be legit, they will be put back at the head of the line until they have 10 legit offers. Hopefully no one will lie, and this will never happen.

    Note that you MUST sign up under the current leader's referral link to be eligible for this conga line!

    Photo iPod Conga Line
    current leader: freeorangeshoes (0/10 green referrals)
    link: referral link

    If you would prefer a 20GB iPod (vanilla, 4g), join this conga line instead. You only need 5 referrals. Same rules as above apply!

    iPod Conga Line
    current leader: freeorangeshoes (2/5 green referrals)
    link: referral link

    If you have any questions, please email me at spammer. There is no reason why we shouldn't work together to get some free Apple gear!

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