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    So in the albums section, all my former iPhoto events are there, but out of any form of logical order (date, name, etc). iPhoto had it nicely done with organized by date whether newest was top or bottom, worked nice.

    Also in the albums tab - All Photos...well thats the biggest mess I've ever seen. In aperture and iPhoto they were displayed by date or name, i can see no way of organizing All photos by a date or title or anything there either...

    Any ideas?

    Another do I know my High-resolution photos are being imported?
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    You do have one sort option for the Albums: In the sidebar, right-click/control-click on the Albums heading, album, or folder - you'll have a Sort By Name option. It will sort all folders and albums at that level, but it does not change the sort order of nested folders. For what it's worth, when Sort By Name is not selected, things are organized just as they were in the Aperture library.

    For sorting images within All Photos... For what it's worth, my All Photos is sorted by date. That was how it opened after converting my Aperture library.

    The View menu has "Keep Sorted By Date/Keep Sorted by Date Added." When I'm viewing All Photos, that option is checked and grayed-out. However, for the sake of experiment, I have been able to select it when I first open All Photos (before the images render), and it will alternate the sort order between Date Added and 'totally jumbled' (I haven't figured out why they're totally jumbled). However, regardless of which way it's sorted, Keep Sorted by Date Added still has a check-mark.

    To clarify, Sort By Name changes the sort order of folders and albums in the sidebar, Keep Sorted By Date changes the sort order of images within an album.

    I'd clearly consider some of this to fall into the category of bug.

    As to whether the high-resolution version is being imported? Open the Info window (Window drop-down menu > Info or Command + I). You'll see the image dimensions in pixels (eg. 3456 x 4608), file size, and file type.

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