Photos causing issues with file changes somehow.


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Sep 12, 2015
Tricky situation. Anyone else? Catalina 10.15.3.
Photo library around 680 gb. When it throws a wobbly, 1.5tb. "Originals" folder is 560gb but I expect actual size should be 380 or so.
Photos seems to be the cause of massive backups (feedback sent to apple, no reply). Not sure but it seems to be the dates altered however it causes huge backups that rapidly overwhelm time machine and my other backup options. Time machine is unusable at the moment due to it not erasing older versions and getting 600+gb back ups from Photos. TM disk is a 4tb and run sweet as a nut until this issue with .3

I also end up with loads of "unable to upload" in Photos. I follow the prescribed Apple fixit and they re appear.

If I run in safe mode the 1.5tb size shrinks back down to 680 or so. But the damage is done, time machine and my other backups see a change in the file naming or date and trot off to back up massive amounts of data.

I suspect something amiss with iCloud as well.

Anying, I thought it had settled down today after a few weeks of messing up and it is off on one again.

Can I re install the public release over 10.15.3 and bug out of the beta?

Edit. Damnit. Gone into restore again. Another weeks worth of grief. I might just get out of this beta and re install .2 It just tried to back up 35,000 pics again and I now have 4 or 5 versions on one backup. Need to have a stable library though.

Edit 2 13/1/20. No need to bump but might be useful for some. Re installed beta. .1, waited till it updated to current version.
Photos still have a lot of "Unable to upload" but I export the unmodified (as per Apple instructions on the subject). I copy that exported folder and put aside just in case (file compare to be safe). In Photos I delete the "unable to upload" and re import the exported. Re imported reappear as unable to upload, I delete them. I recover their copies from the trash and they re integrate OK but I only do it in batches of 10 or so and let Photos do its stuff (30 days on the trash till auto delete so time aplenty to get the 500 or so back).

Console is showing a lot of Photo activity obviously (filter on Photo). Sorting itself out each re import. I don't really understand all the comments in console but you can follow your nose with some of it and see it working away. Wait till it is sort of quiet then re import a few more.

Seems to no longer greatly increase the main library folder size, time machine is dealing with it better but I had to re format Tome Machine and re start. Encryption takes some time but seems happier.

Not sure what happened to kick this off but not convinced I have cured anything. Time will tell.
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