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Dec 30, 2001
The SimCity Deli
Love that new white keyboard (the extra keys would come in handy.) Too bad: I have an iBook. :(

Alas. After all these years Apple still won't make a three-button mouse (for option- and command-clicking).


BTW, when last over at Apple's site, clicking either the mouse or keyboard links in the right sidebar brought up the iMac spec-sheet, rather than a separate page for either (like they used to do).

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is there a wireless mouse and keyboard option for the imacs? this would make this the ultimate solution!


macrumors newbie
Jan 8, 2002
"Too bad: I have an iBook"
I have a TiBook 2 months old, but...... my girl has bought a new Imac fore me, I love her!!!!!

quess who gonna use it...


macrumors regular
Dec 20, 2001
???. probably her :) i'm kiddin... how lucky you are!

My thought about this keyboard still positive. We cannot even judge, just by looking to a picture, and I realized it when the cube came up. I was sure it should be so ugly.... and not at all, when i see it for the first time just in front of me, that was awesome, was so small... and no fan..

I bet, Apple are preparing for a new line of Apple computer... IF this iMac is running with a G4, they have to actually change their "pro" computers, such as the tower or even the powerbook! (but their appearance won't change, it still Titanium-like looking) So that'S why i,M expecting the G5 as soon as possible ( Tokyo )

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