Photos from Shibuya (Tokyo) Apple Store grand opening!


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Aug 9, 2005
San Leandro, CA
My girlfriend and I stayed up all night this past Friday night waiting for the Shibuya (Tokyo, Japana) store to open. I scored a free t-shirt and bought THREE limited (aka, sold OUT!) incase Hachiko iPod cases. Make me an offer....two are for sale :)

Pictures on my Xanga (second half of the August 9 entry).

NOTE: My Xanga is NOT always school/work safe! For the moment it is...questionable :D


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May 1, 2005
iGav said:
is that a cop holding a sign at the front of the queue? :p
Yeah I bet... there was a thread back in the day showing a link to a ridiculous video of another Japan Apple store openning.

Glowingstar, I love that shirt! It looks like it could actually fit a woman! Or was it just the way it was photographed, and in real life is sized for the bigguns?


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Jan 20, 2005
Rockford MI
Cool stuff. I wish my apple store would have givin out scratch cards...

I was gonna leave you a comment but decided it would have been a little creapy :cool:
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