Photos library - less photos and hard drive space after a merge

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    I have several different Photos Libraries and I was planning on merging them using iCloud - to upload each library and eventually all my photos would be together - but I have encountered problems.

    So my main library had 1,624 photos and 299 videos. and my iPod touch showed the same.

    The first library I wanted to merge (we will call it library 2) had 38,666 photos and 2,292 videos. It was around 270 gigs.

    I made library 2 the System Library and over the course of about 3 weeks it uploaded to iCloud.

    Once it was completed I opened the main library and in Preferences I set it to download the photos in cloud. (I don't know why I didn't just leave the larger library as the system library but it is relevant anyway).

    Here is where I have encountered the first problem.

    Now the main library is showing 38,662 photos and 2,288 videos - less than what was in library 2 when I started the merge. Also the iPod touch shows 38,657 photoS 2,288 and 9 items.

    As I understand it now the 38,666 photos in library 2 should have included the 1,624 that were already in iCloud so merging main library and library 2 should have resulted in 38,666 photos - the same number, not less.

    And just a few minutes ago I spotted another issue.

    My main library is 20 gigs - how is this possible when it has imported photos and videos from a 270 gigabyte library?

    Is 20 gigs normal for 40,000 photos and videos (each a few seconds to 1 minute long)?

    EDIT: Before I started the thread I used "show package contents" for the main library and then get info on the masters subfolder. It didn't show the folder size until after I posted but the library now reads 235 gigs.

    Library 2 is 258 gigs.

    How can the main library take up less space than the library I merged with it?

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