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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Applespider, May 25, 2004.

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    Jan 20, 2004
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    The first time I downloaded pictures through my Canon S30 camera was with iPhoto back in January. A few days later while I was sorting them, I noticed that some had a black half as if the picture had only partly taken/downloaded. Luckily I hadn't deleted the CF cards so was able to redownload them tho it was a pain to find which ones were bad and find them on the various cards again.

    Since then I've been using Image Capture to take pictures with no problems. But tonight I downloaded some images and discovered the problem was back. This time, rather than getting half the image and half black, I'm getting the whole image but part of it looks like I'm viewing through a red filter and part of it is offset to the right or left. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to stop it? It's very irritating to have to go back through my download of 140 pictures, pick out the ones with problems/delete them and redownload.

    I have a Powerbook 15 Rev A with 10.3 and using the USB cable that came with my camera. I've had the camera for some time and used to use it and the cable without problems on my old Win98 PC
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    This was going around for a while on the apple tech discussion, it seemed to occur more often on the new G5's. I myself had this problem, with 50-80% of the pictures imported either mangled or with the strange color bars. For me it turned out to be bad memory in the computer. I tryed various CF readers and all. The system was fine otherwise, I never suspected the memory. After swapping the memory I haven't had any problems importing photos. (knock on wood)

    You can read a lot more about it on Apple tech forum. Search for "usb corruption"
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    Not sure if this could be part of the problem, but I had problems with not all of my pictures downloading. No partial pictures or wierd colors. The whole picture wouldn't load. It would load around 2/3 of the pics, if I had a bunch on the card. The problem was with my Canon G2, it was going to sleep when I had a lot of pics to download. No problems once I switched to a card reader.

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