Photos: Photos view (CMD+1) and inside-album organization by timestamp is a mess!

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    I take dozens of pictures with my iPhone on a daily basis. I manually import all this material to my Mac several times a month connecting my iPhone via USB and using OSX Photos. I do not use iCloud Photo Library.

    The problem I am having is that Photos does a pretty lousy job organizing the pictures by date - time taken. This is visible in the Last Import album and the Photos view. The pictures are correctly grouped by date but the sorting order is totally wrong inside that date. The picture order just jump like crazy. It is very easy to see opening the Get Info window (CMD+I) and looking at the timestamps, also looking at the filenames the iPhone automatically has assigned to the pictures before been imported.

    Here is a typical scenario:
    After importing a bunch of pictures while you are in the Last Import album open Get Info (CMD+I) and look at the timestamps starting from the first picture and moving to the next one with the right arrow on the keyboard. Continue checking the timestamps on the Info window while you move through the list of pictures. You will easily see that Photos does not respect the timestamp when sorting the pics, it jumps ie. from 15.17 (IMG_2363.JPG) to 15.13 (IMG_2359.JPG) and then it can jump to 15.25 (IMG_2392.JPG), 15.23 (IMG_2385.JPG), 15.28 (IMG_2399.JPG)... A total mess! iPhoto never had this problem. This is true also if you drag and drop the pics from Last Import into another album. The Photos view (CMD+1) does not respect the timestamp either, just the grouping by date is done ok.

    The only place where you can see the pictures in the correct order is under the album All Photos because here the program shows the pictures in the order they where imported, easily verificable by not only by the timestamps but also by the order of the names that in this album are consecutive as it should be.

    Can you check if you are suffering from the same issue? How can this be fixed?
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    I started to wonder why I have not detected this before. I import pictures 2-3 times a month so it was strange that I had not seen this. I then decided to check my previous Moments and other albums that were created some time ago. The pictures are definitely sorted correctly there. Then I asked myself: What have I changed lately and I think I have found a possible clue:

    When you import pictures from an iPhone Photos automatically takes you to Last Import while the pictures are been transferred. One of the issues I have seen with Photos is that you cannot see the status of the importing process as you could easily do in iPhoto with a status bar on the upper part of the program. I found that Photos also has this status bar but you need to be inside the iPhone view for it to be shown. Well, it appears that moving the focus from the Last Import folder to iPhone view screws up in some way the way the pictures end sorted.

    I still have not confirmed that this is the problem but it is the only thing that I have done differently on my latest imports. I am going to have to check more into this. Maybe someone else could also try it to see what happens and post back here?. You have to be importing a sizable amount of pictures (50-80) so you have time to change into iPhone view while the import process is still on the way.


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