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  1. l.i. bruce fan macrumors member

    Oct 5, 2012
    I am new to Mac world (although a long time iOS user) and trying to import my nearly 2tb mess of family photos and videos into the Photos app on my new MacBook Pro.

    Photos import fine and are organized according to the date they were taken, however the video files from my camcorder are all considered by Photos to have been created on the date they are imported, rather than the date they were originally recorded or shot. I know I can manually adjust the date and time once imported, but as I have literally thousands of short clips/videos spanning over 20 years, this will be a huge undertaking, so I’m wondering if there is a better way.

    The problem seems to stem from the fact that the video files were copied from the SD cards to an external hard drive (in Windows systems) and the “created” date attached to the file is the date they were copied. However, the “modified” date is the date the videos were shot. Anyway to get Photo to recognize the “modified” date as the date of the video file?

    Thank you in advance for any input you might have...

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