Photos saved in iCloud backup not restored to iPad. Apple tells me, "oh well!"

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    I sold my iPad 2 last week. Instead of manually syncing my photos, I depended on iCloud to keep them safe until I restored them to my new iPad.

    I received my new iPad yesterday, and immediately restored from my iCloud backup. All of my apps, data, and settings were put right back as they were. The only thing missing was all but one random photo. I had a few hundred photos and videos saved to my camera roll that just weren't there anymore.

    I looked up the issue online, and I saw that a number of people had the same issue as far back as May.\ (1, 2, 3.)

    Looking at my iCloud backups, I have my old iPad backup, which was 7.4 GB, and my new backup, which is 4.0 GB in size. That means that there is 3.4 GB of SOMETHING that wasn't brought back down from iCloud. It's pretty clear that the photos are still in iCloud, but were for some reason not restored from iCloud.

    I called Apple to see if they could do anything about this. I explained that while the photos aren't saved to the device, they appear to be saved in the iCloud backup. He basically said, "We're sorry, but there's nothing we can do because the backup file may have been corrupted." He says there's no way to check if the backup is actually corrupted, or if it's an error with iCloud itself.

    Am I wrong to be angry about this? I understand that I should've backed up my photos to my computer beforehand, but relying on Apple's service is what most people do now anyways, and it should be depended on.
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    You're not wrong to be angry.

    I had a very similar problem a few months ago with a pages document I was working on via iCloud (iPad 3rd gen). One day it randomly didn't open, and I called apple and got a similar response. I lost over 12 hours of work...
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    Ouch, that blows, man. I suppose my pictures weren't so valuable. I'm just the type to never delete pictures, ever.

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