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Universal "Photosets" 4:3HD Action Photography app is now FREE for the 1st Time Ever !

Will 4:3HD-8-20 and 4:3HD-12-20 become "mainstream" Action Photography options in 2016 ?

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Apr 20, 2016
La Jolla, CA
BREAKING NEWS : UPDATED 11:30 AM (La Jolla, CA-time) Wednesday, October 17th

FYI, late yesterday we announced that Photosets was transitioning from Burst Camera to Top Shot Camera.

Today, we want to expand on the details.

First, we give credit to Google for "showing us the way," as well as for now enabling us to piggyback on their Top Shot Marketing Campaign.

Second, the lights (immediately) came on for us when we saw Google's first Top Shot TV Commercial a few days ago ... what they we're promoting was NOT that far off from what Photosets already offered.

In-fact, Photosets already had them beat in a number of very important areas (e.g., Full-Res 12 Mpx Resolution vs Half-Res with Google OR 1440x1080 with Apple's Live Photos, as well as up-to 5 Favorite Photos per Top Shot photoset, vs ONLY one with Google OR Apple's Live Photos).

It didn't take us long to decide to "pivot" from Burst Camera to Top Shot Camera.

Being able to piggyback on Google's Top Shot Marketing Campaign was the kicker / deciding factor.

Third, we've made Photosets' new Top Shot feature our current Top Priority, & have been working hard to perfect it ASAP ... as of 10 AM this morning, it's Good to Go ... we'll Field Test it later today, & then very-likely submit it to AAPL App Review @ 9 PM or so tonight.

Fourth, Apple has a Complete Stranglehold on App Discovery in Tim Cook's iOS App Store ... that alone is a viable reason for the pivot !

Stated differently, we believe aligning with Facebook & Google will very-likely prove to be a Very Smart Move ... and NOT just for us & Photosets, but really for any company with a Flagship-caliber app that is both Unique & Innovative.

To our knowledge, there hasn't been a single App Success Story OUTSIDE of Games AND Streaming Media Content apps, for any app that started Life in the iOS App Store since Tim Cook took over as CEO ... that alone is an EXTREMELY telling fact !

Fifth, to give you a Head's Up on what's coming, here is the What's New description for v4.18, which should become Available for Download by Friday:

Photosets Top Shot Camera


Added a brand-new feature we call High-Res / High-Speed Top Shot !

21-shot "Top Shot" ... 21 Full-Res 12 Mpx photos @ 30 fps per Top Shot photoset ... 10 Before, 1 At, & 10 After the Shutter action ... enabled ONLY on the NON-Trial Version of the app.

11-shot "Top Shot" ... 11 Full-Res 12 Mpx photos @ 30 fps per Top Shot photoset ... 5 Before, 1 At, & 5 After the Shutter action ... enabled ONLY on the Trial Version of the app.

As with Burst Photo Photosets, you can select up-to Five Favorite Photos per Top Shot Photoset for Sharing ! ... via the Editor / Playback Controller, tap the Star, then Apply, then Save, for up-to Five Favorite Photos per Top Shot Photoset ! ... each time you tap Save, Photosets "tags" the photo's metadata in a special way, so that your Favorite selections are stored in the hidden section of the photo, along with the photo itself.

Photosets' Top Shot feature is currently supported ONLY on the iPhone 7+, 8+, X, XS, & XS Max.
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