Photoshop 7 on OSX question


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Jan 14, 2002
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When I used Photoshop in OS 9.2.2, it used to remember where I saved the last file. Now in OSX I'm having to find the folder everytime and its becoming very annoying after like 100 files. Normally I would use actions but I have to custom name each one among other things. I've check Photoshop preferences and system preferences and can't find an answer.

Could someone please tell me how I can tell Photoshop how to save in the last folder I saved in.



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Jan 22, 2002
hmm it usually does it for me...i know in 9.2.2 that was an option that you could set w/ the general controls panel, so it might be that PS has no control over it and it's an OS X thing. what you might do to make things easier is to put a folder where most of these files are in your favorites folder, and then it will be in the little common places popup when you do save or open

another option would be to use the file browser in PS7, which is a bit slow in OSX, but I've found it very handy nevertheless


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Mar 12, 2002
BrisVegas, Australia
it always goes to the last folder where i saved last...

i couldn't see anything in prefrences either, but maybe you have to have Photoshop open for a while, and save a couple of documents to that same folder for it to work.

and you haven't trashed your prefrences lately, have you?:p
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