Photoshop 8 going to be 64bit? Screen shots from

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jholzner, Jun 22, 2003.

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    from the article:

    (problem 1) and yet, one can plainly see "initializing..." and "scanning for plug-ins..." as text on top of the splash images. these are dynamic text areas that change rapidly while the splash is diaplayed, and thus are not part of the graphic stored within the app package. the only time this text is visible is when the app is run, which they said was not possible. perhaps their definition of run differs from mine, but i would assume a program compiled for what a g3/4 in any sense is not capable of wouldn't so much as bounce in the dock, much less display anything before dying.

    (problem 2) i couldn't verify whether the names and other misc info is part of the splash graphic, because i couldn't find such a thing in my copies of photoshop and imageready (7.0). if they did pull those images from out of the package, i'd like to know where they were or what kind of resource editor they used.

    (problem 3) if these images do exist in some dark recess of the package, why didn't they post the actual files, most likely jpg or tiff (which is easily saved as jpg)? why did they resort to taking screenshots if the original files were in hand? if they're real they'd get pulled either way, no?

    (problem 4) does adobe normally use icons that match the beta/developer splash? i seem to remember they don't, that just the splash is altered and the icon is identical to what the final release would sport.

    whether it's fake or the author is a little confused in one way or another i don't know, but something is not right here. pardon my skepticism, but there's been alot of this lately.
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    Eh, why does photoshop need to be 64-bit? I guess people could be using more RAM than 32 bits cleanly supports... but other than that I'd be really surprised if 64 bits could do even a single Photoshop task faster than either normal 32 bit ops, or AltiVec ops.
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    Very astute observations. I would love to look, but the bandwidth of the site has been exceeded. Without even seeing the pics, we can assume that you're right.


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