Photostream - Signed out of iCloud still loading photos on Macbook

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by nidserz, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    So I have my iPhone on iOS 9.
    iCloud Photo Library is off.
    My Photo Stream is on.
    iCloud photo sharing is on.

    I wanted to test the photostream on my Mac running Yosemite, so I signed in, and opened photos.
    It created an "All Photos" album and "Photostream".
    I didn't understand the "All Photos" album, and photos were getting uploaded to it (some the same and some different to "Photostream").

    I signed out of my iCloud account, and the "Photostream" album went away.
    Now this is what I don't get, new photos I take are STILL being added to the photos app, "All Photos" album.
    If I delete them from the Photos app on the Macbook, they still stay on my phone, so it's not synced that way/in the cloud?
    It is only adding photos I take after I turn on on "Photostream" again in settings in my photo - not the previously stored photos I have in my photostream.

    If I turn off Photo Stream on my iPhone it stops syncing the pictures to my Macbook - the issue is, I want photostream on, but just not on this Macbook.

    How do I ensure my iCloud is deleted and has nothing to do with this Macbook? And stop the photos from uploading to this Mac. (I also had no account in my iCloud and I got an iMessage delivered to my Macbook)
    What is this "All Photos" album? and why are my photos still syncing to the Macbook?
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    Jul 16, 2015
    If you turn iCloud PL ON, any photo you delete will be removed from all devices. But then if it's on, all your photos will be synced on devices with that particular account.
    You can turn off photostream on any particular device.
    For messages, you've got to sign out in the Accounts prefpane in settings.
    All Photos, as the name suggests, is literally ever photo from every album on every device organized by location and time.
    I hope this helped. Good day ;)

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