pictus Easter - kids coloring book for all ages

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  1. smuorfy macrumors member

    Nov 22, 2012

    PICTUS Easter - many hours of fun :

    Awesome pictures for coloring:
    ✓ Helps children develop hand-eye coordination
    ✓ 100 pictures for coloring (5 → Free)
    ✓ Approved by children
    ✓ Easy to clear and start over
    ✓ A blank page for free drawing
    ✓ Unlimited colors
    ✓ Clean, easy and beautiful design
    ✓ Easy to use even for children
    ✓ Color pencils, highlight markers, wax pencils, felt pens and paint brushes
    ✓ Realistic textures
    ✓ Lock/unlock picture for zoom
    ✓ Zoom in and zoom out feature makes it easy for coloring smaller areas
    ✓ Print and start coloring them in the old way
    ✓ Multiple ways to export and share your pictures (email,copy,save,print,Facebook,Twitter,Weibo,open in)



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