Pioneer A05 DVD-R


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Jul 22, 2002
Question for everyone........

I am looking to replace my CD-RW drive with a DVD-R drive. I can get the current Pioneer A04 or wait a few weeks and get the new, twice as fast, Pioneer A05, for only $50 more.

According to, many people have had success "retro fitting" their Quicksilvers with DVD-R drives. Apple's software recognizes the Pioneer drive with no problems (since the SuperDrive is really a Pioneer drive). My question is this, will the new drive be as compatible in this regard ? OS X just recognizes the A04, would it need special drivers to recognize the A05 ?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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May 31, 2002
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
I don't know if it will need new drivers. I just installed a DVD 104 in my dual 867 and it works just fine. There were a few blank discs included in the retail bundle along with software to make it work with a peece, but no Mac oriented software. I'm still looking for Mac OSX version of the firmware update....

Hate to think I have to pull the drive back out and install it in a Peeeeecee just to do firmware update...

Personally, I'd wait for the faster drive. I purchased this one with "year-end-funds" so I couldn't wait. Good luck!
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