Pismo G4/500 CPU Upgrade--Benchmarks/Testimonials


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May 20, 2002
Let's have some insights from those brave souls among us who have sent in their Pismos to NewerTechology or PowerLogix for the new CPU upgrade. Some of us are a bit short of cash to be mailing away our dear systems without full assurances that this is a good idea.


If you know of Pismo G3/400-500 "before and after G4/500" bench tests, please post the URLs.


If you were gusty enough to have it done already, please answer the following "burning" questions (pun intended):

1. How much hotter does the Pismo run? How much more frequently does the fan kick in?

2. What's the new battery life like?

3. How much faster it it on AltiVec and NON-AltiVec CPU intensive tasks?

4. Any new hardware/software compatability issues?

5. Is it worth the $300 to have it done?

I LOVE my Pismo. I would much rather upgrade it than shell out the coin for a TiBook if the G4/500 CPU turns out to be a worthwhile $300 investment. I am certain I am not alone.