Pixar, Disney deal could change digital landscape

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    Link: Pixar, Disney deal could change digital landscape
    Description:: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A possible merger of the Walt Disney Co.and Pixar Animation Studios Inc. if successful, could give Pixar chief Steve Jobs the power to break down barriers that have long existed between online content, computer hardware and digital distribution.

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    The New York Times has a much better article

    (registration required, I think)

    The NYTimes article had some interesting tidbits:

    Despite the possibility that Steve Jobs would take an active role in running Disney, the article states "Those who are close to Mr. Jobs have said that despite his success in Hollywood and with animation, his heart has remained with Apple Computer, the quirky company that has established a loyal user base over almost three decades."

    And fuel for the rumors: "Moreover, executives in the consumer electronics industry widely believe that Mr. Jobs is now positioning the company to repeat the iPod phenomenon in two markets: Internet TV and wireless smart phones."
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