Planar PX171M worth it????

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    Aug 10, 2003
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    I'm about to put my order in for a G5 1.6 and am searching for a monitor. I've checked out some of the other threads and even started one. I see where the Dell Ultrasharp FP1091 19" has had some great reviews along with the Planar PX191. Unfortunately my wallet isn't quite that large so I'm looking at 17" ers. Just saw where Dell has the Planar PX171M on sale for $411 throught 09/10. Looks like a great price on a great monitor. 400 contrast, 16ms response, 250 brightness, good warrantly and it has analog and DVI connections. Yes, it has crappy speakers and no it doesn't have a USB hub :)mad: ) but the price and performance seem super. I have read one review that stated in DVI connection it is set at 60mhz refresh rate. Anybody have any experience or thoughts on this. I really have to "get on" this one as it goes through the 10th. Thanks
  2. yujini macrumors member

    Aug 20, 2003
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    ALL LCDs are fixed to 60hz. There's no refresh rate.

    CRT's refresh rate = LCD's response time.

    for example
    40Hz = 25ms
    60Hz = 17ms
    72Hz = 14ms
    85Hz = 12ms
    100Hz = 10ms

    I heard it's a pretty good monitor,
    but since all LCD monitors that currently have 16ms response time
    uses the AUO panels.

    basically it can't show all 16million colors.
    I heard more like around 250k colors when things are fast.
    (16ms panels are known to only be capable of 16-18bit colors.

    One reason why I'm waiting for the new Samsung panels.
    Though I don't think LCD monitors are good enough to buy
    to play games, it should be fine to write documents and surf the

    Edit: By the way most new LCD's only support 8 bit sub (24 bit color)

    -referenced off hardforum's sticky note
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    Aug 10, 2003
    The Hill
    Thanks yujini for the info, it's all helpfull if sometimes confusing. Still looking at LCDs. You say that Samsung is coming out with new panels???? When and what's special about them. Am thinking now more on the line of a 19" like the Dell (rebadged Samsung????) or the Planar PX191. Both have good specs. Have to see which is a bit cheaper. Time to go the Dell site;)

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