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    I cannot find a way to play Myspace music on my iPhone 4. Any tips?

    Why I need this: I do booking for a club and it's all done through myspace. I bought this phone thinking, hey, Apples are the best for multimedia and music and you get a full browse, plus Myspace has an app, etc. But low and behold, it turns out they use Flash for their music player (how was I supposed to know?) and furthermore, there's no Flash on iPhone, nor does the app support music. Ugh.

    In my googlings of trying to find an app that can play Myspace music, then to find a way to do Flash, I read about "Frash" which supposedly allows Flash to be played. But it requires "jail-breaking," which my buddy who works at the Apple Store tells me will void my AppleCare. He also said that even if I un-jail-break it by restoring it to the original OS, they can still tell you did it because part of the firmware records if it has ever been jail-broken. Has anyone here ever jail-broken an iPhone 4, then restored it to the factory settings and taken it in for warranty service without Apple being able to tell it had ever been jail-broken? Some people told me that they did not believe that Apple can tell, but then again, miraculously, none of them had actually tried to get warranty service after jail-breaking and then un-jail-breaking an iPhone 4! And there's no way in hell I'm going to play guinea pig with a $700 phone that is critical to my business. Yet having it be able to play Flash would literally save me 10-20 hours a week since it would let me work during my commute!

    Do I understand this correctly: that my $700 1GHz smartphone (iPhone 4) can easily handle a simple Flash music player on a webpage, but Apple simply refuses to "allow" customers the option of installing it?*

    And do I also understand correctly that if I disobey what Apple "allows" by putting free, industry-standard browser plug-in software on my own computing device that they will punish me by voiding my hardware warranty, even though nothing about installing "disallowed" items can harm the hardware, and even though they do not apply a similar standard when it comes to installing software on Macs?*

    Or is it just that they will not provide tech support to you if your phone is currently jail-broken (which I could understand, since that's the same standard they apply with Macs when they suggest that a Mac be reformatted with a clean OS before they will provide further support).

    I did read Steve Job's reasons for not "allowing" Flash, I while appreciate the technical approach, and I can therefore understand why Steve wouldn't want to install Flash on his own iPhone, on the other hand, I don't think that I should be denied the right to use whatever software I want on MY iPhone.*

    Just because you build a house and sell it to someone, that does not give you the right to say, "your home warranty will be voided if you place onto your floor any throw rugs purchased from RugCo." Even if I was just renting an apartment, the landlord couldn't say that. If it was a house owned by someone else, then OK, they have the right to dictate everything... build a wall around their own garden, etc.

    However I own this iPhone. Steve Jobs and Apple do not own it anymore, because they sold it to me. *I feel as a customer that it should not be legal for Apple to use the device's hardware warranty as a way to punish me for using the phone in a perfectly legal, normal, standard way that any music-playing, internet-equipped mobile computer should be expected to be able to operate.*

    If Apple wants to put a warning label on the Flash app, then OK, but I am an adult and I should be who decides what goes on my phone without the company who sold it to me getting a free way out of providing me warranty service.

    Anyway sorry for ranting but this does really piss me off.
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    Portland, OR
    Oh and to add insult to injury, Apple comes out with their own "music social networking" site. But you can't even upload your own music to it. Lame!!!
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    I think the background music playing on many myspace pages is done thru flash. So obviously it wont play.
    But either way why would you want to go thru that? Every time I tried opening a myspace page the browser crashed cause of tons of videos, pictures, flash animations and tons of other crap trying to load.
    Most of them pages would even crash a computer never mind a cellphone.
    Why dont you try other ways of listening or playing music that would be alot more efficient.
    And next time research and try out the product before you buy it and commit yourself to a 2 year agreement.

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