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Dec 25, 2017
Hi, we just updated Playnow - Watch together.

We often crowd around a tiny phone screen to watch a new video with their friends. Playnow will allow this same experience, but on many screens at once, eliminating the need to share one small screen or attempt to click the play button on multiple devices simultaneously to give a false "live" effect.


People send links and URLs to their friends, in which their friends may or may not read two days later. There are so many limits right now because all people can do is watch it alone. With Playnow, we can watch videos together with friends even if we aren't together at the same place.

Download address:

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Our team knows that there's a lot to fix and improve, but we believe that if we get the experience right, this is how people will communicate. So if you have any ideas or feedback, please let us know. Your feedback matters the most to us at this stage of our company

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