iPhone X Please advice: ridiculously bad experience AppleCare+


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Feb 7, 2011
(Sorry, crosspost from Reddit, but I could use as much advice as possible) ;)

OK, here goes... So I own an iPhone X, which is now 13 months old. It's a 256GB model, bought directly from apple.nl (webshop). Immediately after the purchase I got AppleCare+. I paid almost 1600 euros in total. The device is in perfect shape, sure there are a few minor scratches but it never fell or is damaged in any way.

Now, after 13 months of normal usage, there are a few hardware failures:
  • The speakers sound very bad, like always extremely low quality and low volume.
  • The microphone is the same, during phone-calls people often can't understand me so low is the quality.
  • The lightning cable connector doesn't recognize a connection in 80-90% of the times a cable is connected.
It surprises me that these issues all show in just 13 months of use, but since I paid the 229,- euros for AppleCare+ I thought I was fine. So, called Apple Support, explained the above and the device was picked up by UPS, send to Apple and then this happened:

They responded with a message saying that the repairs were not covered "because the device has been modified" and since the costs for repair are 860,- euros they will send the device back to me unrepaired.

After literally years of buying and using Apple products, even developing apps for the App Store, this completely blew me away: WHAT THE HELL?

After calling several times with them, a 'Senior' advisor would escalate the issue to find out what they mean by 'modified'.

It has now been almost 2 weeks. The iPhone is on its way back to me, and if all is correct a 'Manager' will call me tomorrow. I asked for this because I kept hitting a huge brick wall: every advisor I spoke to is unable (or willing?) to help me.

Let me be clear: the device has NOT been modified in *any* way, and Apple so far is unable to tell me 'what' has been 'modified'. All they keep telling me is that they will not repair the phone.

So that leaves me with an iPhone X + AppleCare+ for 1600 euros which is unusable.

Any advice what to do? I honestly am about to give up. I've read similar issues online about such claims by Apple but they mostly seem to be about refurbs, which this is clearly not (again: it is bought directly from Apple).



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Jun 19, 2009
Pasadena, CA
Wait to see what they say about what you supposedly modified. Then try again. I assume you can't drive to a store since you sent it in, but you'd have much better luck walking into a store I imagine.


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Nov 4, 2013
Is express replacement not available in your county? I wouldn't even bother with messing with a repair when I could just get a new one sent to me.
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