Please get hannah montana off of my phone

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    I bought the Hannah Montana album for my daughter and I guess it lives in the cloud. Everytime I sync my phone, the album comes back on my phone. I don't want it there. I've done the uncheck in itunes thing and re-synced. Nothing. How can I tell itunes to keep this album, keep it on my daughter's ipod but stay the hell off of my phone? Thank you.

    All the other google advice tips did not work either.

    While we are at it, my kids games keep coming back on my phone to. I just want them on the ipad. How can I make this happen?
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Change the Apple ID you use for the iTunes store on your iPhone. You can use two different Apple IDs on your iPhone. One for iCloud and one for the iTunes store.

    It keeps coming back because you are using the same Apple IDs across the devices. Since Hannah Montanah and your kids games are authorized to be on the other devices and the ID is the same on your iPhone it keeps respawning to your iPhone.
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    Ok I'll have to do that. Thank u.

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