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    my iBook has just started to have a kernel panic EVERY time that i disconnect from the internet, and the mouse movement is VERY jerky. the problem isn't ram, so could it be the logic board dying??????? i reALLY need answers this is VERY important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i really need help!!! this is important
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    #3 need to SHOUT!!!!!!!

    So did you add any hardware or software recently?

    How about calling Apple support?

    There are plenty of threads about this very topic. Try searching.
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    It would be more helpful if you gave us some more information about your iBook here. What version is it? How fast is it.

    Sounds to me like unless you recently added some kind of hardware to it then it has to be the logic board (aka motherboard) going on it. If you have a certain series of iBooks then Apple will replace the logic board free of charge whether or not you still have any warranty left on it. I would call Apple and have them take you through some things first. Then bring it into either an Apple Retail Store or your local Apple Service Center. If you have an Apple Retail Store near by then I'd just take it there first. It never hurts to have an expert look at it.

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