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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Cartwright?, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Cartwright? macrumors newbie

    Nov 18, 2011
    Long time blackberry user here (7+yrs) and contract has expired a few months ago.

    Coming from BB, there are few features that I definitely need in order to continue to work the way I've been working, otherwise I am sticking with BB.

    1) When reading e-mails, being able to move e-mails to a folder with one click then choosing the folder, and ability to type the folder name to move/copy or directly Go to that folder. I have around 100 folders in my Outlook, and I don't want to have to select one by one to sync with my phone, or having to scroll through them in Move to.. screen

    2) Being able to attach contacts in universal format or outlook format.

    3) Multiple pauses in phone numbers restored in address book. For example dial number, pause (wait for user response) dial extension, Pause (wait for user response) dial extension. Basically it waits for me to hit "dial extension" instead of fix 3 second wait.

    4) Viewing and saving excel, word, pdf e-mail attachments (no edit required), and being able to browse and attach this type of files (can you even have a file system in iPhone??) and be able to open these types of files directly from where they are saved.

    5) Syncing anything that is otherwise synced in Exchange/Desktop Outlook such as my notes, calendar, addresses, etc without having to select folders individually.

    6) When forwarding e-mail, does iPhone forward the e-mail on the phone, or instruct server to forward the original e-mail? Makes a huge difference, because formatting may get altered if it gets forwarded by iPhone and not by server.

    7) See all e-mails in one folder, for example in blackberry you can set 30 days to be stored in the phone, so all e-mails in last 30 days, regardless of being moved into folders or those that were sent show up on same list, with icons next to them identifying their states (in a folder, in inbox, sent, draft)

    Please go easy, don't just say "stick with your blackberry" if non of these are possible with iPhone via native apps or via any kind of app purchase/enhancement. I understand Android has a few apps that make it very close to blackberry, but with massive app database, it's hard to believe that iPhone may be lacking.

    I can probably let go some of these if others are available. The most important feature is being able to type the folder name when moving.

    Thanks again, hey, at least I am making an effort to switch. :apple:
  2. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    I don't know all the details, but I recently switched to an iPhone from a BlackBerry as my main mobile office e-mail reader. The only things I miss about the BlackBerry is that with the BB calendar function, I was able to poll my office's Exchange server to see the availability of my invitees. I could also quickly send a message to all invitees.

    On the whole, the iPhone does a better job displaying and forwarding e-mails in their native format than my old BlackBerry (Bold 9700) did. My employer uses MobileIron to connect to our Exchange server, and our folders, contacts, calendar, etc. sync up just fine. Moving multiple items to a single folder is pretty seamless using the "Edit" function in the e-mail client. Viewing MS Office attachments is far more seamless on the iPhone than the BlackBerry Bold (with or without iWord for iOS installed). I don't know about attaching content, but I believe it is possible to attach iWork documents to a message.
  3. Cartwright? thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 18, 2011
    Thank you for taking time to reply. I appreciate it.
    I don't think my employer uses anything other than BES & Exchange. So with native exchange support, do you think it will work?

    With moving to folders, is there anyway to type folder names because I have extreme amount of folders and scrolling to find one each and everytime would be very time consuming. I move all my e-mails into folders so by the time I get to my desk at the support center, all irrelevant e-mails or e-mails related to clients are already moved to folders... I get a clean inbox when I get to support center...

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