Please read...scams are out there!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Wano, May 4, 2003.

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    Oct 23, 2002
    Ok, I posted on here that I wanted to buy a 3CCD camcorder in the for sale/trade section here on macrumors. Some guy instant messaged me trying to sell me a GL2. This is how the converstation went:

    LivinCridazy: Hello Are you there?
    Wano540: yeah
    LivinCridazy: are you intrested in buying camera very cheap or a lense for it may i ask
    Wano540: like a camcorder?
    LivinCridazy: yes
    Wano540: what kind????
    LivinCridazy: canon gl 2 brand new still in box
    Wano540: yes! much?
    LivinCridazy: and i have a fisheye lense century optics mark 2
    LivinCridazy: how much do you have and where do you live
    Wano540: is it the .3x one?
    LivinCridazy: yep
    Wano540: right now i have$1277.71...hehe
    LivinCridazy: On your credit card ?
    Wano540: in my bank
    LivinCridazy: do you have a debit or credit card ?
    Wano540: yeah i got a debit card
    LivinCridazy: with that money on it
    Wano540: yup
    Wano540: oh yeah i live in santa fe, nm
    LivinCridazy: well i want to sell this camera very fast and very cheap cause i got it from my freind and i dont have no clue what to do with it and i know its worth alot of $ but since i dont want nothing at all
    LivinCridazy: and i need cash very fast for a big bill
    Wano540: ok
    Wano540: where do you live?
    LivinCridazy: would you buy this camera for 800$ howit is in the box brand new
    LivinCridazy: never opened
    LivinCridazy: ?
    Wano540: hell yeah!
    LivinCridazy: Okay
    LivinCridazy: and ill pay shipping
    Wano540: where do you live?
    LivinCridazy: Ny, Woodhaven
    Wano540: where is that?
    LivinCridazy: New york
    Wano540: oh ok
    LivinCridazy: why ?
    Wano540: i have family up there
    LivinCridazy: cool
    Wano540: in new york
    LivinCridazy: are you intrested
    Wano540: yes i am!
    LivinCridazy: how would we do the payments
    Wano540: could my cousin pick it up from you
    Wano540: ?
    Wano540: since she is up there and that way he can make sure it works and you will get the money
    LivinCridazy: no i would want to do it another way
    LivinCridazy: where does she live may i ask ?
    Wano540: nyc
    LivinCridazy: where
    LivinCridazy: in NYC
    Wano540: brooklyn..i think...unless she moved
    LivinCridazy: o
    Wano540: she was going to school there or something
    Wano540: but if i cant get her to do it, how would you wanna do it?
    Wano540: do you wanna send it cod?
    LivinCridazy: well this was my plan you send the cash through a money wire to me i pick it up and ship it overnight express
    LivinCridazy: cause money wire is the fastest way
    LivinCridazy: cause i need cash
    LivinCridazy: if you agree do it ill throw it that lense thingfor the camera
    LivinCridazy: free
    Wano540: the GL2 has a 3.5lcd right?
    LivinCridazy: yes
    Wano540: and 1ccd?
    LivinCridazy: wait
    LivinCridazy: yea
    LivinCridazy: Yes it has it
    Wano540: sounds good man...give me all the info i need
    LivinCridazy: well its already in a box redy to have a address on it and shipped
    LivinCridazy: why do you need my info now ?
    Wano540: but hey....i dont feel secure doing it through moneny wire
    Wano540: i think if we do cod or some kind of escrow serive i would feel better about it
    LivinCridazy: dont worry im not a guy that would take your money and run plus you have family here and ill give you my # and everything and all moneywires now have to see your social security for safety reasons so they can track you down and stuff
    LivinCridazy: and i need cash by tomamrow thats the real reason why
    LivinCridazy: trsuth me
    LivinCridazy: trusth *
    Wano540: sorry man, this is a lot of money for me that i have earned real hard....i am only 17 years old, so I would like my investment to be scure

    LivinCridazy: dont worry
    LivinCridazy: i dont have a creditcard or bank account now anyways
    Wano540: i do worry though.....this is the way i see it. if you really need the money you could wait for it. it's either $800 in a few days or nothing at all
    Wano540: or hey i'll give you $875 if you want
    LivinCridazy: then if you want you can send half first and whne you get it send other half ?
    LivinCridazy: when *
    Wano540: send me a picture of the camcorder in the box and the lenses
    LivinCridazy: i dont have that
    LivinCridazy: i dont have a camera
    LivinCridazy: digital
    Wano540: ok well open the gl2 and take a picture with it in the mirror
    Wano540: and load it up
    LivinCridazy: i dont have a capture card or anything
    Wano540: i dont care if it's open as long as you give me some kind of assurance
    Wano540: all you need is either firewire or usb on your computer
    LivinCridazy: dont worry you can call me if you want for proof
    Wano540: what do you mean?
    LivinCridazy: for proof that im not lieing
    Wano540: how can you prove it?
    LivinCridazy: look i need cash so bad ill sell it for 600$ right now
    LivinCridazy: this isnt no joke or kidish stuff
    Wano540: send it same day tomorrow using COD
    Wano540: and you will have the money by tuesday
    Wano540: i will pay for shipping and cod
    LivinCridazy: i have no cash to send it
    LivinCridazy: why not
    LivinCridazy: fine 500$ westernunion only and its yours i swear to jesus christ
    Wano540: cause i have read about a lot of scams on ebay where people dont accept anything but money orders and wire transfers
    LivinCridazy: o well if not your loss im giving you a good deal
    LivinCridazy: 500$ cause i really need cash soooo bad sir
    Wano540: i know but i need assurance
    Wano540: ok, i'll wire the money to my cousing tomorrow and she will meet you and give you the money
    Wano540: she is a poor college student so i can bribe her money to drive and meet you half
    LivinCridazy: look dont worry if you were to send the $ now , i can get it in the morning and send the camera with overnight express call you give you the tracking # and thats it
    LivinCridazy: dude but i dont have time
    LivinCridazy: not not trying to scam you
    LivinCridazy: im too old for that
    Wano540: how far are you away from nyc?
    LivinCridazy: like 3 hours
    LivinCridazy: maybe 2 without traffic
    Wano540: let me call her right now
    Wano540: hold on
    LivinCridazy: look right now this is the only way 500$ or half now wire money or no camera cause i need cash by tomamrow morning your opinion right now ?
    LivinCridazy: yes or no
    Wano540: ok, she said she will do it....she will even get there by 11:00 tomorrow mornign
    Wano540: is that ok?
    Wano540: i'll give you the $800 you asked for before
    LivinCridazy: yea but i rather do it now through
    LivinCridazy: and she wouldnt know how to get here
    LivinCridazy: look either money wire to me or nothing cause i dont have time for no kid stuff your choice tell me
    Wano540: listen you are the one who's looking really fishy
    Wano540: if you really need the money you could wait till tomorrow morning
    LivinCridazy: so forget it
    Wano540: she will meet up with you guaranteed
    LivinCridazy: fine then ill meet up
    LivinCridazy: 5 am
    Wano540: ok
    LivinCridazy: in the morning thats the only time
    Wano540: let me talk to her
    Wano540: ok buddy done deal
    Wano540: nice!
    Wano540: hehe....she is making me give her $120 plus gas money
    LivinCridazy: Ok have a goodnight
    Wano540: she said she can even go right now since it's already 12
    LivinCridazy: goodnight
    Wano540: are a scammer!....goodnight
    LivinCridazy: No
    LivinCridazy: i toldd you talk to you tommarow
    Wano540: i thought you needed the money tomorrow?
    Wano540: cause my cusin will meet up with you in a few hours
    LivinCridazy: i know i do but ill wait
    LivinCridazy: ok good
    LivinCridazy: sure i know your lieing
    LivinCridazy: bye

    So, if this guy or anyone that sounds anything like this contacts you trying to sell something beware cause it may be a scam. Note how I asked him if it had a 3.5"LCD and he answered yes, well it has a 2.5"LCD and also he answered yes to the 1CCD when it really has 3CCDs.
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    Oct 28, 2001
    San Luis Obispo, CA

    Thats crap.

    Hey I still have my camera for sale. I will sell it for 1450, so if you can make that much...and want it....let me know...
  3. rainman::|:| macrumors 603


    Feb 2, 2002
    Yeah that one screamed scam from about the third line on down. I cannot overstate the need for escrow in all such situations--

    Glad you didn't get taken :)

    now, i have a bridge in NY and some swampland in florida for sale if anyone's interested ;)

  4. Wano thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2002
    Re: Wow

    Thanks for the offer. Although, I have a guy who is selling his brand new GL2 for $1400.

    Hehe...he just randomly instant messaged me again with the fallowing:
    LivinCridazy: money transfer ?
    LivinCridazy: or no ?
    Wano540: no
    LivinCridazy: ok your loss

    Does this guy not get he is marked all ever with SCAM!
  5. Rai macrumors member

    May 1, 2003
    Good Call, whenever i see someone seem to desperate ( like droppping price quickly), or telling me i have to take the deal now or never. I leave it alone most of the time it is a scam.

    Hope they don't someone to wire them money first in the future

    Good looking out;)
  6. springscansing macrumors 6502a


    Oct 13, 2002
    New York
    lalala.. i wanted to have some fun too! :D

    here we go!


    (01:07) Mistar Nicey: hey dude, my friend told me you have a camera for sale
    (01:07) LivinCridazy: yea
    (01:07) LivinCridazy: i neeed to selll it fasttttt
    (01:08) LivinCridazy: i ned cash
    (01:08) Mistar Nicey: canon GL2?
    (01:08) LivinCridazy: it is a GL2
    (01:08) Mistar Nicey: sweet, that's just what i was looking for
    (01:08) Mistar Nicey: how much
    (01:08) LivinCridazy: ill sell it low you name the price ill sell
    (01:08) Mistar Nicey: hmm
    (01:08) Mistar Nicey: i donno man, what's fair
    (01:08) LivinCridazy: and i will throw in a fisheye mark 2 free
    (01:08) LivinCridazy: thats how bad i need cash
    (01:08) Mistar Nicey: how much
    (01:09) LivinCridazy: umm do you have cash now like on a cc
    (01:09) LivinCridazy: card
    (01:09) Mistar Nicey: i have a credit card
    (01:09) Mistar Nicey: why?
    (01:10) LivinCridazy: o
    (01:10) LivinCridazy: we will talk about that later
    (01:11) Mistar Nicey: okie
    (01:11) Mistar Nicey: so how much
    (01:11) LivinCridazy: well if you can do it tonight now over a money wire ill sell it for 850$ now with the camera with everything and fisheye
    (01:11) LivinCridazy: i need cash really bad by tomamrow you dont understand
    (01:11) Mistar Nicey: hmm
    (01:11) Mistar Nicey: could i send a postal money order instead?
    (01:11) Mistar Nicey: via mail?
    (01:13) LivinCridazy: umm what about please bro i need cash and ill pack the **** now if you do it and call you or what ever and ill send it tomamrow morning once i get the cash i swear to god
    (01:13) LivinCridazy: this isnt no joke
    (01:13) LivinCridazy: what so ever
    (01:13) Mistar Nicey: hmm
    (01:14) Mistar Nicey: i don't actually have a card, its my parents
    (01:14) Mistar Nicey: but i can send a money order via mail
    (01:14) LivinCridazy: are they awake
    (01:14) Mistar Nicey: or cash, whatever is easier for you
    (01:14) Mistar Nicey: nah, asleep
    (01:14) LivinCridazy: cash is good
    (01:14) LivinCridazy: how would we do it
    (01:14) LivinCridazy: ?
    (01:14) Mistar Nicey: for 850 w/ the free fisheye?
    (01:15) LivinCridazy: yea i swear to god all jokes aside
    (01:15) Mistar Nicey: kickass.
    (01:15) Mistar Nicey: any pictures of the stuff?
    (01:15) LivinCridazy: no sorry i dont have a digital camera
    (01:15) Mistar Nicey: yeah me neither
    (01:15) LivinCridazy: or anything
    (01:15) Mistar Nicey: lol
    (01:16) LivinCridazy: so listen how can you send the $ asap
    (01:16) Mistar Nicey: i can overnight it tomorrow
    (01:16) Mistar Nicey: just give me your address
    (01:16) LivinCridazy: it will come to my house
    (01:16) LivinCridazy: ?
    (01:16) Mistar Nicey: i guess so
    (01:16) Mistar Nicey: lol
    (01:16) LivinCridazy: humm brb
    (01:16) Mistar Nicey: give me your home address


    i'll post the rest of it as it happens, this is live baby! ... kinda.
  7. springscansing macrumors 6502a


    Oct 13, 2002
    New York
    (01:17) LivinCridazy: post office via mail or ups or what ?
    (01:17) Mistar Nicey: either way
    (01:17) Mistar Nicey: whatever works for you
    (01:19) LivinCridazy: why cant you send
    (01:19) Mistar Nicey: no card like i said
    (01:19) LivinCridazy: can you see if they are awake and beg them
    (01:19) Mistar Nicey: they're asleep man, its 1:20AM
    (01:20) LivinCridazy: ummm...
    (01:20) LivinCridazy: where do you live
    (01:20) Mistar Nicey: NY
    (01:21) LivinCridazy: where in NY
    (01:21) Mistar Nicey: north of the city
    (01:21) Mistar Nicey: about 2 hours
    (01:21) Mistar Nicey: why?
    (01:21) LivinCridazy: what boro
    (01:21) Mistar Nicey: not in any boro, heh
    (01:21) Mistar Nicey: warwick, NY
    (01:21) Mistar Nicey: is a town
    (01:21) LivinCridazy: you live upstate
    (01:21) LivinCridazy: by mountains
    (01:22) Mistar Nicey: a bit, yes
    (01:22) Mistar Nicey: why?
    (01:22) LivinCridazy: how far away from new york city like for example world trade center
    (01:22) Mistar Nicey: ah.. world trade center
    (01:22) Mistar Nicey: 2 hours
    (01:22) LivinCridazy: o
    (01:23) LivinCridazy: i live in the city deep in though
    (01:23) Mistar Nicey: ahh
    (01:23) LivinCridazy: listen
    (01:23) Mistar Nicey: guess i can't pick it up then
    (01:23) LivinCridazy: so tomamrow you can send the $ 1000000%
    (01:23) Mistar Nicey: positive
    (01:23) LivinCridazy: how can you send cash thought
    (01:23) Mistar Nicey: i'll send it off overnight mail
    (01:24) LivinCridazy: are you sure you can send cash bills
    (01:24) Mistar Nicey: cash or money order
    (01:24) Mistar Nicey: i'd send money order but the people at the PO are real dicks
    (01:24) Mistar Nicey: so i'll just send concealed cash
    (01:24) Mistar Nicey: rather not deal with them
    (01:24) Mistar Nicey: PROVIDED i have your word that you're not gonna screw me
    (01:25) Mistar Nicey: im not stupid
    (01:25) LivinCridazy: yea i no
    (01:25) Mistar Nicey: heh
    (01:25) LivinCridazy: no way ill never do that
    (01:25) Mistar Nicey: so give me your address
    (01:25) Mistar Nicey: and i'll send it
    (01:26) Mistar Nicey: allo? address?
    (01:27) LivinCridazy: 86-02 forest PKWY, APT 3d,woodhaven,NY,11421
    (01:27) Mistar Nicey: okie
    (01:27) Mistar Nicey: got a phone number?
    (01:27) Mistar Nicey: just so i can confirm you sent it and stuff?
    (01:27) LivinCridazy: Przemysl ,Starowicz is my name
    (01:27) LivinCridazy: 13477242431
    (01:27) Mistar Nicey: PRzemysl.. what nationality is that?
    (01:27) LivinCridazy: polish
    (01:27) LivinCridazy: why
    (01:27) Mistar Nicey: im polish too, heh
    (01:28) Mistar Nicey: Nowak
    (01:28) LivinCridazy: ooo coooooool
    (01:28) Mistar Nicey: yep yep
    (01:28) Mistar Nicey: is that a cell # or home #?
    (01:28) LivinCridazy: home
    (01:29) LivinCridazy: i will send the stuff right when i get the $ im 1000% percent ill send overnight if you pay shipping
    (01:29) Mistar Nicey: how much to ship?
    (01:29) LivinCridazy: overnight would be like 50$
    (01:29) Mistar Nicey: to overnight the camera?
    (01:30) LivinCridazy: yea
    (01:30) Mistar Nicey: okie
    (01:30) Mistar Nicey: so 900 then?
    (01:30) LivinCridazy: so send 900$ cash
    (01:30) LivinCridazy: dude you sure
    (01:30) Mistar Nicey: ?
    (01:30) Mistar Nicey: whadda ya mean am i sue?
    (01:30) Mistar Nicey: sure
    (01:30) Mistar Nicey: ?
    (01:30) LivinCridazy: yea
    (01:31) LivinCridazy: you sure
    (01:31) Mistar Nicey: yeah im sure
    (01:31) LivinCridazy: ok now
    (01:31) Mistar Nicey: you sure you gave me the right #?
    (01:31) Mistar Nicey: i don't recall 347 being a real area code
    (01:32) LivinCridazy: i know its my cell but its fowarded to my house phone
    (01:32) LivinCridazy: why isnt it
    (01:32) Mistar Nicey: i donno
    (01:32) Mistar Nicey: okie whatever, lol
    (01:32) Mistar Nicey: so i'll send the money tomorrow, okie?
    (01:33) LivinCridazy: now listen umm... if you send tomamrow when will it come
    (01:33) Mistar Nicey: tuesday morning
    (01:33) LivinCridazy: what time in the morning
    (01:33) LivinCridazy: and you sure it will be cash right
    (01:34) LivinCridazy: and will i have to show them id
    (01:34) Mistar Nicey: 11AM i think
    (01:34) Mistar Nicey: cash cahs cash
    (01:34) Mistar Nicey: no ID dude
    (01:34) Mistar Nicey: it goes to your house
    (01:34) LivinCridazy: ok cool
    (01:34) Mistar Nicey: why?
    (01:34) LivinCridazy: and once i get it ill go to the ups station with that money and send your camera and lense overnight ok ?
    (01:34) LivinCridazy: no just asking
    (01:34) Mistar Nicey: okie dokie
    (01:35) LivinCridazy: I just want to thankyou so much
    (01:35) LivinCridazy: i needed a buyer for almost 1 month
    (01:36) LivinCridazy: ?
    (01:36) LivinCridazy: ?
    (01:36) LivinCridazy: hello
    (01:37) LivinCridazy: dude
    (01:37) Mistar Nicey: hi
    (01:37) Mistar Nicey: im here
    (01:37) LivinCridazy: yea
    (01:37) Mistar Nicey: heh
    (01:37) Mistar Nicey: so all set?
    (01:37) LivinCridazy: yep
    (01:37) LivinCridazy: you sure dude
    (01:38) Mistar Nicey: sure sure sure
    (01:38) LivinCridazy: how old are you
    (01:38) Mistar Nicey: why?
    (01:38) LivinCridazy: j/w
    (01:38) Mistar Nicey: rather not say
    (01:38) Mistar Nicey: heh
    (01:38) LivinCridazy: tell me its ok
    (01:38) LivinCridazy: i dont care
    (01:38) LivinCridazy: old or young ?
    (01:39) LivinCridazy: hello ?
  8. springscansing macrumors 6502a


    Oct 13, 2002
    New York
    Then i got board heh. Ah well.

    I got an address though.

    Who knows how good it is... but its gotta be him or someone who knows him.

    Anyone up for a little detective work?
  9. unc32 macrumors regular

    Jul 17, 2002
    I doubt he is in New York.

    If you notice he first says he is in Sante Fe then later states New York. Got his story confused.
  10. Eniregnat macrumors 68000


    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    The attached photo shows an apartment building in the center that corresponds to the address you noted. The address is a real one, at least thought a Net search.

    Attached Files:

  11. Eniregnat macrumors 68000


    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    The area code (347) corresponds to NY (with some conflicting results pointing to Kansas?)

    I can not track the exchange, but that is not uncommon for cell phones. Perhaps somebody else will have better luck.

    Again- just so nobody gets in trouble for harassment, you might want to remove the sensitive data or at least the specific and email it only to people that want to help. I still think it reads fishy. A camera in NYC for a month with out a buyer at that price, hell I've seen poor knock off Rolex’s go for more in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
  12. Eniregnat macrumors 68000


    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    Aha- one step closer, at least to verifing some of the information.

    • Area Code: 347
      Prefix: 724
      Location: QUEENS
      Other Info: PCS
    It looks like some of the phone information is true.
    It is a cell phone, registered in Queens.

    The address is not in Queens, am I correct?
  13. Eniregnat macrumors 68000


    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    I hope that some of this info helps.

    Checking NYC public records and phone books (at least the ones on the web), I did not find any Starowicz Przemysl, but I did find a Przemyslaw in Brookland, just for spelling comparison. I did find a number of Starowiczs, but no Prezemysl Starowicz. I did find a P.J. Starowicz, but the P stands for Paul.

    Of strange note I found a number of 38 year olds living in NY with varations on Paul J. Starowicz, with the following residences (cities) BATAVIA (76 years old), BATAVIA, ROCHESTER, WALWORTH, BATAVIA (Paul, Paul - 38)- None in reverse order.

    Searching the net in general I found next to nothing.

    I hate multiple posting on the same subject, but I think it helps keep the tracking clear.
  14. Wano thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2002
    He is in New York and I am in Santa Fe...sorry I should have distinguished a little more between his words and mine.
  15. Wano thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2002
  16. Eniregnat macrumors 68000


    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    I talked to one of the local ADA's about such possible scams.
    No crime has been committed yet.
    It is much like a Net scam, until a crime is committed there is little that can be done. Second, this is a small crime. Sure pickpockets are nailed after pinching a fiver, but this would require a lot more work. There is no proof that it is a scam yet, though it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and poops like a ...
    I wouldn't risk loosing the cash to catch this guy. His hustle is that of an amateur right now. Unfortunately we have helped him hone his skills a little.

    Can you still initate a dialoge with this guy.
  17. Wano thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2002
  18. Eniregnat macrumors 68000


    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    There is something else to worry about.
    Lets say the deal went though, you received your camera for $800 and he got his money, and at some point you try to repair the camera- only when you go back to pick it up the police are there because you have stolen merchandise. Best case scenario, you’re out $800 and a camera. Worst case: you busted for knowingly accepting stolen merchandise because nobody in their right mind would sell a 3ccd camera of that quality for 800, especially when you paid for it in cash.

    AS to your question:
    No, but I am curious as to what he will try to say now. I'd like to see if he is one of the Pauls that I found.

    It is quite possible that he is just super paranoid and honest, the latter being unlikely, but still possible. It is all very odd. You see, if you could find people that had been scammed by this guy, you could contact the police and see if they were interested in doing a sting, also unlikely- but hey- the Krispy Kream could be closed for remolding and you might luck out.

    In any case, the sale is not proper. Perhaps it’s a scam, perhaps its stolen, or your supporting a drug habit, etc...

    You would think that a pawnshop would give 1/3 to 1/2 of the value (on a new state of the art in the box sealed product), which would be greater than $800.
  19. Giaguara macrumors 6502a

    Nov 22, 2002
    anyone bored enough to see what else this guy invents? :)
  20. codycartoon macrumors regular

    Sep 13, 2002
    #20 get this guy...he is browsing the wrong forum!

  21. Kwyjibo macrumors 68040


    Nov 5, 2002
    theres a few problems with actually nailing him. unless u sent him money and he didn't send you anything you have no evidence he commited a crime. You could find one of his po'd buyers but that would be tough. I doubt he gave a real address but if he did, then you could go and mess with him (or a few of your bigger friends) but that would be tough and he could be using someone elses name. So in the end, you did a service by exposing him but you can't do much until you have more.
  22. Wano thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2002
    I talked to him again tonight and I got some of the same info as springscansing. I am having fun messing with is what went on.
    all the stuff about my parents and the postal office is all made up.

    Wano540: hi, do you still have the GL3?
    LivinCridazy: t
    LivinCridazy: no not gl 3 what the heck
    LivinCridazy: gl2
    Wano540: bad, it was a typo, although a gl3 would be sweet..hehe
    Wano540: so do you still have it?
    LivinCridazy: yea why
    Wano540: i talked with my parents and they seem confident, so they said they would buy it for me
    LivinCridazy: over
    Wano540: either that or money order
    Wano540: i think they want to send money order...since my mother works at USPS it will be easier for her
    LivinCridazy: when ?
    LivinCridazy: no i hate that
    LivinCridazy: westernunion
    Wano540: why western union?
    Wano540: it will get there just as fast
    LivinCridazy: fastest ,easy
    LivinCridazy: i want that thought
    LivinCridazy: and i hate dealing with money orders and stuff
    Wano540: i hate dealing with idiots
    LivinCridazy: LOL
    Wano540: but seriously though, is money order cool?
    LivinCridazy: when would you be able to send it through westernunion
    LivinCridazy: dude westernunion please and ill drop the price a little
    Wano540: they wont do it through western union, cause there credit cards only have like $1500 on em, and that is there emergency back up
    Wano540: their*
    LivinCridazy: whos
    LivinCridazy: 600$ right now and camera yours westernunion
    Wano540: they cant do it
    LivinCridazy: ok w/e forget it
    Wano540: what?
    Wano540: fine
    LivinCridazy: when ?
    Wano540: what is your name and account?
    Wano540: right now
    LivinCridazy: what you mean name and account
    Wano540: for westernunion
    Wano540: dont you need an account or something?
    LivinCridazy: i dont have one
    LivinCridazy: no just go to
    Wano540: ok, now what?
    LivinCridazy: and find moneytrasfer on the right side where it says send now
    Wano540: ok
    LivinCridazy: what do you see ?
    LivinCridazy: ?
    Wano540: hold on...i am reading an e-mail...brb
    LivinCridazy: how do i know your not messing with my head
    LivinCridazy: and not really gonna send the cash
    LivinCridazy: your swear yu are ?
    Wano540: how the hell do i know you are gonna send the camcorder????
    Wano540: i am giving you money first fool..ok!
    LivinCridazy: cause i will im not that messed up
    LivinCridazy: ok
    LivinCridazy: well what do you see on the page
    Wano540: how the hell do I know
    Wano540: it's got the payment option
    LivinCridazy: how
    Wano540: to freking pay for the transfer
    LivinCridazy: where did you click
    LivinCridazy: under sendnow in yellow Money transfer ?
    LivinCridazy: ?
    Wano540: hehe...i accidentaly hit telegram
    LivinCridazy: money transfer
    LivinCridazy: LOL no prob
    Wano540: ok now what?
    LivinCridazy: what do you see
    LivinCridazy: ?
    Wano540: recievers name and so on
    LivinCridazy: ok now you have to fill ,my name in and so on
    LivinCridazy: first name is
    LivinCridazy: Przemysl
    LivinCridazy: last is Starowicz
    LivinCridazy: amount 600$ right ?
    Wano540: yeah
    LivinCridazy: tell me when your done with that
    Wano540: done

    LivinCridazy: city
    LivinCridazy: woodhaven
    LivinCridazy: state New york
    LivinCridazy: country USA
    LivinCridazy: done ?
    LivinCridazy: ?
    Wano540: what the hell......yeah...but now my mom is saying 'well, $345 is all we have on the card
    Wano540: argh!
    Wano540: **** there any other way
    LivinCridazy: umm you can send 300$ now and rest when you get it but you have to give me your contact info ?
    Wano540: hey give me your number and we can talk over the phone....since this instant mesaging is getting old
    LivinCridazy: no not right now its hella late
    Wano540: what's the difference
    Wano540: well give it to me and i'll call you first thing in the morning
    LivinCridazy: ok
    LivinCridazy: 13477422431
    LivinCridazy: can you send 300$
    Wano540: let me see
    LivinCridazy: and ill send the camera and send rest when you se the camera and confirm to me you like it
    Wano540: mom wants to do it all at once
    Wano540: she says we can do it through a moneyorder sameday
    Wano540: and that would actually be faster than westernunion
    LivinCridazy: but i dont know how to cash one
    Wano540: it's really simple man, i think
    LivinCridazy: how do you cash
    Wano540: oh she says you can pick it up at the postal office nearest you and cash it there
    LivinCridazy: ok
    Wano540: so you dont mind that?
    LivinCridazy: what do you have to bring to cash it ?

    Wano540: bring your id and proof of address
    LivinCridazy: ask here if she sure thats it
    LivinCridazy: her
    Wano540: ok hold on
    LivinCridazy: brb
    Wano540: ok here is the deal.....either you bring an id and some sort of proof of address such as a phone bill or something...or you can bring an id that has your address on it.
    LivinCridazy: is she sure
    LivinCridazy: and how will i recive the money order
    Wano540: oh yeah, the adress needs to match the adress the money order is addressed to
    Wano540: pick it up
    Wano540: or have it sent to your house
    LivinCridazy: how will i know when it arrives
    Wano540: hum....good question
    Wano540: let me check
    Wano540: ok it will arrive with your normal mail, the fallowing day or if you decide to pick it up you can do so by 9pm
    LivinCridazy: i want to pick it up
    LivinCridazy: when will i know its here
    LivinCridazy: so i can go pick up
    Wano540: it will arrive between2-5pm
    LivinCridazy: when
    Wano540: i dont know man!
    LivinCridazy: w/e dude
    LivinCridazy: ill talk to ya tomarow aight
    LivinCridazy: peace
  23. cb911 macrumors 601


    Mar 12, 2002
    BrisVegas, Australia
    dude, that is some funny stuff! :D

    yeah, there's alot of scammers out there, unfortunately.

    so, Wano, what's your next move? are you seriously going to try and bust this guy?
  24. MacBandit macrumors 604


    Aug 9, 2002
    Springfield, OR (Home of the Simpsons)
    Escrow is great but never use the Escrow service they suggest. Find a reputable one on your own and use them.

    I saw a show a while back where this guy bought a new Mercedes off of eBay site unseen (moron, never ever buy a motor vehicle site unseen). They used Escrow for the transaction but guess what? The Escrow service was a fake one setup by the scamers. They guy is now out 50k+ no car no justice.
  25. Wano thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2002
    It would be cool, but I douby I could unless I fly up there myself...hehe...I am just having fun messing with this idiot.

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