Please Recommend a Flatbed Scanner, Not very expensive For My 13" MBP


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Apr 3, 2015
Mexico City
I want to scan small things to sell at eBay such as Badges, stickers, small point of purchase, food wrappers, bottle caps, etc, etc, Compatible with Mac OS Yosemite, El Capitan and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Please keep in mind that I do not live in the United States, I live in Mexico and some store here does not have the same product, but I can always buy the item at eBay :)

Not All in one hardware :p

A Long time ago I asked in this forum for a recommendation about an External Blu-ray Drive and I bought it

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Jun 14, 2010
For ebay sized images an iphone or other cellphone camera should be more than sufficient for those images. Get a piece of glass from a picture framing shop that's been treated to minimize glare if you need to hold stuff like wrappers down flat.

Otherwise something like a basic Canoscan LIDE200 should do the job if you must have a flatbed. I've used its predecessor in the past, but these days I just lay papers flat and take a picture with my phone.


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Oct 28, 2006
Alice, TX
I second using a camera, either from a phone or dedicated camera.

For me, when buying on eBay, I like to see a picture of the item. Scanned images may look like a stock photo which could raise red flags for cautious buyers.


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Sep 17, 2015
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Camera (phone or dedicated digital). Way better option than scanner. And if you do need a scanner (for documents etc), then often cheapest option is in a multi-function printer. I have an Epson Workforce 845 and it works fine as a wireless scanner (flatbed and ADF)