iPhone Pls help me ..iphone 3g stuck at 4.1 unable to restore/upgrade/downgrade


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Aug 14, 2012
First i was on whited00r 5.1 (3.1.3) custom firmware...and this problem arised when i tried to jailbreak with new ios

iPhone 3g
ios 4.1jailbreaked via resn0w
baseband 6.15.00

1.When i try to restore via itunes even using tiny umbrella or iREb i get error 1600

2.Unable to install apps Fix Unknown Error Occurred (0xE8008001)

3.I try installing 4.2.1 using redsn0w ,It shows pineapple and everything and after reboot its still same 4.1 with nothing changed like songs or even haves wifi's password

4.And when i cydia performs it update it starts crashing after reboot
I want to have 4.2.1 can anyone help me..?
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