PM video, and does air express replace need for attached speakers?

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  1. macharrington macrumors newbie

    Aug 30, 2003
    Need to receive a PowerMac by August 23rd so need advice in several areas. First, the system will be used primarily for video editing with Final Cut Pro HD, and Photoshop. My son is a high school student and will be taking a video editing class with FCP so he'll be using it a lot. Also, we're Americans living in London and my son plans on playing basket ball in college so we need to create a recruiting video of him since no coaches will see him here in London. We're both novices but plan on becoming competent users, but not power users. However, i don't want to upgrade later. I prefer to buy the right product now that we can grow into. Questions.
    1. Since the 2.5 isn't available by August 23rd i was going to put dual 2.0. Hopefully this is adequate. How much additional memory should i put in for very good performance on FCP? Reading boards i think i'll buy from crucial.
    2. what video card should i get? 5200, 9600, or 9800? Is there a big difference between 9600 and 9800?
    3. I don't like the price, but is the 30in monitor something I wish i had gotten once we become proficient in FCP or is the 23" going to more than adequate.
    4. What's an excellent quality speaker system to go with system? OR, with the new airport express it seems like it might be better to just hook up an external stero system of high quality that i can use with the powermac and seperately as well. Is this right? Also, can you only use the the airport express connected speakers with i-tunes or can i play all sound through the speakers attached to Airport express?

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  2. clr900 macrumors regular

    Jan 25, 2004
    1. An extra gig of ram should be enough for you, doesn't have to be all in one stick.
    2. There is a pretty big difference between the 9600 and 9800 so I would go with the 9800, it will definitely last you longer and be faster for video.
    3. The 23in monitor is plenty and anyways the 30in monitor requires the new nvidia 6800 ultra which will not ship for a while.
    4. Airport express only works with itunes so that would not be a good solution. I would recommend the speakers that Apple tries to sell you on that page after you configure the Power Mac. Both of those have good reputations. But remember the PM has optical audio in and out so you could hook it directly up to a tuner if that would be practical for you.

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