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    Okey Dokey.

    This update took another 8 weeks to get out the door. We've been really busy and have been struggling to get focused time to work on the game. However, we are going to try and change that in the near future. For the last few updates, Allan and I have been adding more and more stuff into them where each update is like 3-4 of our old ones. We're going to start releasing more frequent, but smaller updates in the near future. Pocket God is not done yet. We are still going to be working on more updates and hope to get the excitement that we used to have at the beginning. Allan and I went to the Game Developers Conference last week and it was busy but fun. We met up with a lot of other iPhone developer's, Igor from Doodle Jump, Berkeley from Moron Test, the Cogs guys, etc. I had an especially great conversation with Igor (we hung out all day on Saturday) and he really encouraged us to go back to our roots and figure out how we can release updates every 2-3 weeks again. For a while we thought that Pocket God might be saturating the market, but Doodle Jump has been on fire and is showing us that there could be a much longer future for Pocket God than we originally anticipated. I also wanted to mention that there might be a fan war between us and Doodle Jump but Igor and I are very good friends. Please don't screw up their ratings. We are even talking about going to Japan in the next month or so for a working vacation where we might work on another cross over.

    So, about the update... There are lots of new things in this update. The Pain Drain mini game is really cool. Some of the testers like it much better than Ooga Jump but it has that kind of feel as opposed to the Laser Shark and Bait Master mini-games. It's a way cooler version of Fall Down (our original inspiration was from Little Big Planet though). The mini game is triggered by lifting a new plug in the bottom of the underwater area that sucks the nearest pygmy into a drain/dungeon game area.

    We added a new story mode which is really sweet. We give you the controls to script an animated story for the pygmies. You can change the location / weather, time of day and also give the pygmies things to say and do. It's all really simple now, but we will be adding new functions for story mode in the future. Allan has also provided 5 stories which he will be adding to over time. The stories have awesome titles like "Gas Who?" and "Dancing with the Arse!"

    The skin pack is alien themed this time and I think it's the coolest looking one yet. I have all the alien skins enabled for my phone and will probably keep them that way for a while.

    In terms of the other stuff going on behind the scenes, we are working on a secret project. We decided to get back to this update and get it submitted before finishing it. It will likely take a little longer to release it but we don't want to drop the ball on the main Pocket God game. We can't give any hints about the secret game. Not even our beta testers know what it is. The only thing I can say about it is, it’s a Pocket God game and it's not for the iPhone.

    Technically, I am putting more and more time into optimization. We have hit a hard limit on the amount of things that can go into our main texture atlases. All the stuff that is specific to the islands are in their own separate atlases that get loaded when that island is active but there is a lot of functions that have to be available everywhere so we can't make that stuff dynamic. This is the main reason why we have been doing more locations and mini games rather than universal god powers. God powers (like changing seasons) can get triggered wherever you are so they need to go in the main batch of assets. It will be a little while but I'm working on a way to do this, just be prepared that most of the new updates will contain new features that appear on their own island until I fix this.

    Back to the Future. The next update will be a mini update that will contain a news feed. We wanted this for a really long time and this is another thing that Igor convinced us to do. The news feed in Doodle Jump is very useful to him and he used it to help push us back into the top 25 a couple weeks ago. We want to be able to return the favor. We know we want to do another Doodle Jump Cross over soon. We’ll most likely flesh out the Ooga jump game play so be sure to give us ideas on how we can improve it. Not sure if this will be our next update or if we will work on it toward the end of April. We also have a Comic Book tie in coming up. It will probably be a trilogy with a new location. We have some awesome ideas for it. I will give out hints as we get closer. Ape is working hard on character art and giving each of the 6 Pygmies their own personalities. Once we get some approved art, I’ll share it with everyone. It looks like the first digital issue will likely come out in May.

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    I was worried the delay might have been because of the exposed nipple in your screenshot! :D

    You gonna be at CTIA? I will...

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