Pocket God 1.31 - What's the Story Morning Gory? Part II

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by davecazz, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Hey Everyone, I was debating whether to make a new State of the Island for this update but might as well. We used to do clean up updates a while back and this is pretty much that. We did a lot of optimization with this update, added a new news feature and added a few more elements for Story Mode. Although there isn't a ton of stuff in the update, we are looking to get back on track for doing a new update every 2-3 weeks and next update has some really cool stuff in it.

    As far as life outside of the iPhone, our comic book is coming along really well. We approved the script for the first two books, approved the character designs, and also the art for the first page. They are doing some coloring test right now but we will have something to show everyone within the next couple of weeks. We think the first episode will be available digitally toward the end of May. The printed version will be out a couple months after that and we received some great interest from Wal-Mart and Target about carrying the book. That would be huge for us!

    I'm also planning a vacation on April 11th, my wife's cousin is getting married on a cruise down to Mexico and we will be with them for 7 days. Internet costs 59 cents per minute on the boat so I am not sure how I will survive. I don't even know if I will be able to check and respond to emails. Pretty Scary, I guess I'll have to actually relax or something. I did try to ask my wife if I could bring my iMac, my macbook pro, and a second monitor with me but I don't think Hope (my wife) will understand. :) btw, I need two computers with big monitors to develop, don't ask me why but its embarrassing when I work at starbucks. Maybe I can bring my Mac Book Pro and 13" Macbook instead. Smaller screens but beggars can't be choosers. The last thing I need is a divorce from our cousins wedding.

    So, the big thing with this update is the News Panel. It will be similar to what Doodle Jump does with their news, when we have something to say. like a new State of the Island, the news will popup once when the game is started up and then there is a full news screen that you can go to if you want to read through past articles. We will probably use it in different ways. The first way is to just share things like we do on our blog, we will also highlight the story and skin pack screens (some people still don’t know they exist), but we will also call out apps that help us out every now and then. Doodle Jump has been nice enough to reference us in their news panel and we want to return the favor. In fact, we would like to tell our fans that Ooga appears in Doodle Jump, Harbor Master, and the Creeps.

    The other thing with this update is the new Story mode features. We added the ability to flick the pygmy into the distance, to throw them off the island, to make an earthquake, shark snap, and to make the whole group dance at the same time. We will try to add more story functions with all our updates from now on.

    Today, I'm starting the next update. It will be another mini game, and it's a pretty fun mechanic and you will be able to use a new God Power to activate it from the islands.

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    Yeah, does anyone care about Pocket God any more? It seems like its gotten pretty stale. Maybe for new users its cool. I dunno. I just feel like it needs something new, like a version 2, that overhauls lots of stuff. Or an iPad version with a whole tribe of little men with more features, games, abilities. Maybe have the ability to pit tribes against each other online to compete in some way. It needs a value-added piece that will keep me coming back. The 31 updates or whatever doesn't really do it for me any more. It needs connectivity and more interaction. It needs a deeper level of gameplay.
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    Considering it's in the top 30 Top Grossing Apps, I'd say there are still load of people who care. This is one update I look forward to, and my kid loves it as well. It's not meant to have deep game play. That's not what this is for. It's a great time filler / waster that is fun and doesn't require much thought. I have other games for those times I want depth.

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