Pod Snapshots for iPods offered free for limited time

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    Link: Pod Snapshots for iPods offered free for limited time
    Description:: As the Christmas season is fast approaching, the folks at Expodition (www.expodition.com) are offering some free iPod holiday goodies: Pod SnapShots, specifically created to be used on your iPod.

    They’re targeted for folks traveling to new places and provide details of your intended destination—including the best places to eat, locations of banks and ATMs, where to get a taxi or mini cab, where the nearest cinemas and theaters are, etc. All the info is based on your profile, so if pizza is your favorite food, your Pod SnapShot will show the nearest pizza restaurants around your destination.

    Personalized Pod SnapShots normally cost US$6.60 but you can download them free for a limited time. Just go to the Expodition web site, register, log in, enter your destination and download the Pod SnapShot to your iPod.

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