poewrmac g4 for sale (and other items)

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  1. millhouse macrumors member

    Jul 18, 2002
    i am in need of a portable computer (ibook) so i am selling this fine machine:

    g4 450mhz processor (upgraded from g3 350mhz)
    100mhz system bus
    256mb of ram (upgradeable to 1 GB)
    ati rage pro 128 pci card with 16mb of video ram
    stock cd rom drive
    stock zip drive
    40gb western digital 40gb hard drive
    keyboard and mouse
    17inch matching blue and white apple crt studio display
    includes mac os 8.6 CD

    this machine is a great machine for anyone who needs a good solid tower, right now the upgrades go up to a g4 550 , but come macworld sanfancisco they are going to make faster zif upgrades (i emailed sonnet on the subject and they plan to)

    this tower was used for web design as well as graphic design , and even for some home video editing. everyone who has used it has been amazed with it as have i, the g4 really shows in os x and apps like imovie and i dont have one complaint about this machine and am sad to see it being sold. it is a powermac g3 blue and white with a g4 processor , the case is in great condition minus a scuff on the bottem front handle (barely noticable and it sits on the ground anyways :) )

    p.s. something went odd with the cd rom cable so i replaced it, the old one didnt boot off cd's but after i put in a new ide cable the machine was back to normal, just a small fyi since there is an extra cable in there. the computer will be sold as described above, the whole package, unless you can offer me a good deal on the tower/monitor alone.

    asking price is 800$ + shipping
    garunteed not to be a DOA and will offer any tech support for the machine after it is givin for as long as you own it.

    i am also selling the following items from my pc/mac

    6gb maxtor hard drive that came in my mac above
    250 watt power supply from pc
    amd 750 mhz duron with 200mhz fsb, socket A cpu

    the following 3 were pulled from working machines, if you have any interest in ANY of these items please IM me or email me at mills2444@spymac.com for my email and millertyme59 for my ichat/aim screen name , or post on this thread! feel free to ask any questions about this stuff to.

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