Pokémon Go Creator Niantic Launches Major Update for Augmented Reality Game Ingress

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    Before Pokémon Go, Niantic had an augmented reality game called Ingress that was similar to Pokémon Go, tasking players with taking over and controlling real world locations in a virtual world.

    Niantic is today introducing an updated version of Ingress, Ingress Prime, a free game on iOS and Android. Ingress players who already have the Ingress app will get Ingress Prime as an update, while new players can download it from the App Store.

    Ingress Prime features the same general gameplay as Ingress, where players choose one of two sides (Enlightened and Resistance) and aim to take control of XM energy portals that represent real-world landmarks, but there's an overhauled interface with higher-resolution maps, improved animations, support for one-finger touch movement, swipe shortcuts for attack, inventory, and comms, and inventory improvements.

    Niantic rebuilt Ingress Prime using the Real World Platform that's the basis for Pokémon Go, and it's introducing a new storyline built on the existing Ingress backstory. There are new Recursion Prime events going on throughout the month of November, and an Ingress Prime-related anime called Revisions is available.

    To help new players get started, there's a tutorial system, and for existing high-level players, there's a new Prestige-style system that lets you reset your level for benefits that carry over.

    Niantic says that additional improvements will be made to Ingress Prime going forward, with the Ingress Prime update serving as the beginning of a new focus on Ingress.

    Ingress Prime can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Pokémon Go Creator Niantic Launches Major Update for Augmented Reality Game Ingress
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    Oct 25, 2016
    Will it display in the right way in all 8 or 10 IOS screen resolutions???, or with the horrible black bands we are seeing in some apps now since the X?
  3. Mike MA, Nov 5, 2018
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    Mike MA

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    Actually thought the Pokémon Go hype already ended unless we recently met a group of hundreds of strange people (description made by my little son) rushing through a local park while starring on their smartphones and stumbling upon each other...yet they seemed to enjoy whatever they were doing.
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    Aug 9, 2011
    I used to play Ingress back in the day. This would make me get back into it if I had the time.
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    Played it years ago and maybe when the update I'll load it back up again.
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    Definitely not liking the new UI; two-finger zoom is funky, non-intuitive action buttons, and just overall distracting from the gameplay...
  7. dbrewood macrumors regular


    Jun 8, 2018
    Manchester, UK
    On my XS MAX I can't even find a control to kill off the sound! Unless I'm missing the obvious?
  8. spawnofstumpy macrumors newbie

    Jul 29, 2014
    If anyone plays Ingress just now i strongly advise DO NOT UPDATE to V2.11.2 I've been a player for 3 years & am now a level 13 player. T

    Good points of V2.11.2
    - I can now see the clock & rapidly depleting battery at the top of my screen. (this was hidden before)

    Bad points from previous version(s) (which still arent fixed!
    - Your music cuts off when opening the Ingress app
    - Animations are slow and mandatory
    - No higher levels after level 8
    - Interface is slow & clunky
    -Very frequent cant connect messages
    - Cant log in messages
    - Persistant Enable Cookies (ie you dont have any privacy!)

    New Bad points in this version
    - gameplay mechanics virtually unrecognisable
    - Mandatory animations are even slower & laggy
    - Interface layout of buttons etc is beyond a joke!! Was this even Beta tested or did they let a 3 year old loose with a crayon.
    - Unable to figure out where interface buttons are at times. It took me 4 hours of playing to figure out where the attack button was
    - No instructions on what (& where) the buttons are & do
    - impossibly inoperable sliders to reduce game noises
    - Mandatory "Press X' to close small pop up windows (before you could press anywhere to remove)
    - Said pop up windows appear right where you need to see preventing you doing anything (unless you press X)
    - when deploying a resonator then 'deploy' button is higher up near the middle of the screen which means when you press your hand hides half the screen
    - Text is too small. Dark coloured text on a black background is unreadable, even for someone with perfect eyesight. Has niantic thought that someone with poor vision may actually want to play this?!

    This is a short list of everything that is wrong with this game. Its beyond frustrating & almost an insult to the gamers that have put in hours, days, weeks & years to this game. How can a game get beyond Beta phase & not pick up simple things like above.

    This goes down in my list of worst things at No 2, No 1 being Microsoft releasing Windows 10! (Dont even get me started on that pile of @£$%

    I'm off to make a cup of hot chocolate, kick the dog off the sofa & calm my nerves.

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