Police may mistake pistol grip iPhone cases for real guns


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Jul 11, 2003
You have to be a real idiot to carry one of these.

Drop that phone case!

Anti-gun advocates are blasting a new iPhone case that looks like a pistol grip — and could be mistaken for a real gun.

The gun grip cases, which can be purchased online or on the street, could no doubt doom young teens, community advocate Tony Herbert said.

“If I were a cop and it was dark and I saw this (case) on a person, my first thought would be to pull my gun and defuse the threat,” Herbert said Tuesday. “I am not trained in law enforcement so can you imagine what a trained individual who faces bad guys every day would do?”

Some of the cases come with an app that puts up a picture of a gun on the screen — completing the overall image.

The gun cases — which sell anywhere from $10 to $49 — come in black, white and pink, according to Japantrendshop.com.

steve knight

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Jan 28, 2009
not much worse then the idiot with a gun tattoo showing a gun down his shorts it about got him shot.


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Jun 3, 2009
I agree this is a dumb idea. But I think the fact that this is a dumb idea itself is dumb. How crazy has police shooting become that people can't use whatever (in bad taste of course) type of case they want?


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Aug 5, 2010
But, like, RIGHTS or something. I think.
Yeah, can't exercise the freedom to carry guns and the freedom to carry simulated guns, at the same time, in the same country.
It's not exactly the same, given that in some cases it may look like an unholstered pistol. It could also appear as if you're pointing it at someone. Even in open carry states, those things would not be favorably viewed.