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    EDIT: Recently recommended by Leo Laporte of TWIT.tv, and now updated to v1.3. To celebrate, I'm giving away more codes in the code sharing subforum, but I wouldn't mind if you spent the $1.99 either:)

    Congressional Features:
    -Detailed voting records for all members of the US Congress
    -Drill into each vote, viewing full text of any bill, sponsors and cosponsors, and a history of actions. See below.
    -Search for Congressional legislation by topic, bill title, type, session, and bill number
    -All bills for the past 6 years
    -View Full Text of any bill, whether it is 1 page long, or 2000 pages long, organized logically by Sections, titles, Amendments, Articles, etc. This isn't just one huge blob of text for you to try to pick through. You can easily jump from one part of the bill to the other.
    -Official CRS Summary for every bill, as well
    -Sponsors and cosponsors of every bill, as well as past actions, such as votes or debates
    -Contact any member of Congress by Phone or Email; Follow members with accounts on Twitter; View all members' websites without quitting Political GPS

    All Congressional information is updated dynamically each time that you run the app. No waiting for an update from me to get the latest bills and developments:)

    Political GPS Test:
    -Find out where you stand in the world of politics
    -Respond to 30 statements from all political viewpoints, indicating your level of support for each statement
    -Based on your unique pattern of responses, Political GPS will show you exactly where you stand, and which well-known politicians your beliefs place you near by.
    -Share results on Twitter, Facebook, or by Email

    Historical Document Reader / Study View
    -Read the US Constitution with ease
    -Organized by Articles, Sections, and Amendments


    Political GPS has come to the point, I believe, where it really puts an amazing amount of info in your pocket, and so I'm sharing it with this forum:) For me, the ability to view the full text of any bill in Congress makes Political GPS the most useful. There's a lot of talk about the health care bills, for example, and rumors abound about the contents of each bill. If you have Political GPS, you can quickly go to a particular section of any bill, verifying or shooting down each rumor, one at a time.

    There's a lot of misinformation out there, coming from all political sides and sources, and nothing speaks more truthfully than what's actually happening in Congress. Come election time, incumbent candidates will inevitably speak of their own merits, and their words may sound good by themselves, but nothing speaks louder than their own actions - their roll call voting records in Congress.

    Political GPS allows you to view all roll call votes for any member, back 6 years. You can also speak your mind, contacting your representatives by email or phone.

    Finding the representatives or senators that you're interested in is easy, as well. You can search by state, name, or district zip code, or you can select a member from a list of House and Senate members, organized by state in alphabetical order.

    With the Political GPS test, those users that are new to politics can also get into the arena. No test results are wrong or right, correct or incorrect. My purpose is just to show users their own position so that they can know where to start. Many users already have an idea of where they stand, but even for them, the GPS test is still a fun thing to show friends.

    Anyway, if you're interested in reading more, you can go to my website, www.thomashuntington.com and view screenshots + a video demo. There's also a link to the App store page in my signature.

    Here's the app store link (just $1.99 for the full version): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/political-gps/id332361748?mt=8

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    This looks pretty nice. I'm not really into politics, but my sister rarely talks about anything else:rolleyes: I might have to get this for her.
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    Thank you for your kind words. In the promo code subforum, I'm giving away some codes, and I think that there are still several left. If you email her one, she'll be able to click redeem in iTunes, enter the code, and get the app for free.

    I hope that she finds Political GPS useful.
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    What are the differences between the free version and paid version? It seems to be ads, but is there anything else?
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    The free version only has the Political GPS test. You can't do anything else with it, such as viewing information for any senators or representatives, searching for specific bills or reading their full text, and reading the US Constitution.

    The free version also has ads as you mentioned.
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    Just wanted to share some success with everyone. Leo Laporte used my app, and tweeted something about it on Twitter, and now Political GPS is doing very well. 140,000 followers are very powerful, and my app is now at 16 in the paid Reference apps.

    Political GPS has also just been updated to v1.3, so I have 50 more promo codes to give away in the codes subforum. I had used up all of my v1.2 codes, so the update is helpful.

    Thanks to everyone for their support and helpful feedback.

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