Politicians abandon yearly projections

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    "The tax savings of my bill over the next 10 years will be 40 billion dollars". What happened to 4 billion a year? Have you noticed that politicians have stopped talking in terms of years because multiple billions of dollars has been trivialized by the financial crisis numbers.
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    I think what you're pointing out is just one symptom of how sick our political system is today.

    Everything we talk about is trivial. News media focus on political races -- who's up, who's down -- too much, and too little on candidates' positions and whether they're telling the truth. That's when they media aren't focused on eclipses, zombies, Justin Bieber's injuries or promoting Dancing with the Stars in "news" articles.

    And politicians? Pfft! The Solyndra story mentioned in another thread is a perfect example. It's a story about China's unfair business practices, but what are the politicians doing? Trying to beat it into a story in which somehow Obama or his family got rich off it.

    Or they talk about whether Obama held his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance.

    Before Obama came into office, we trivialized our war dead. Couldn't show 'em coming back to the US in coffins. Too upsetting, I guess. But that trivialized our soldiers' deaths, made 'em seem more remote. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Heard David Axelrod on a news program recently. He didn't answer questions, he just repeated talking points. It's like he wasn't even listening to David Gregory, he just came there to do his impression of what a parrot sounds like. They all do it, all the politicians.

    God forbid we actually talk about an issue in some meaningful way.
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    Oh, wait, you were not describing PRSI ... nevermind

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