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    Sep 12, 2004
    Please have a look: http://www.true-americans.org

    On this alternative picture forum you won't find endless election debates, but simple images that need no explanation.
    Do you think you know the American people? You might be pleasantly surprised!
    Join True Americans and show the world what you are about!

    We are online since the beginning of September and are working to get our site known.
    This is done with and funded completely from our own resources.
    We don't endorse any of the candidates and don't judge the views of our collaborators.
    Our only goal is to build a social portrait of America together with Americans from all over the country and the world.
    So if you like what you see, please talk about it with friends, family, neighbors and colleagues...
    Distribute our URL. Send pictures and encourage people to do so as well.

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    Sep 12, 2004
    update online

    an update with new pics is online by now!

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