[Poll] What do you want to see added to iOS to better the iPad Pro?

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Is iOS sufficient for a pro device in this price range?

  1. Yes, It's still only an iPad, I'm not moving from OSX

  2. No, I expect more from iOS to fully replace my laptop

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  1. mattoligy macrumors 6502


    May 15, 2010
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    Ok so Apple are trying to market the newly announced iPad Pro as a laptop and two in one replacement! The trouble is, those devices run a desktop OS and the iPad Pro still runs a blown up iPhone OS! I'm not going to repeat what has been said hundreds or even thousands of times regarding OSX running on the iPad Pro because that ship has sailed and frankly, I'm not sure it would have worked anyway...

    However, there is no denying that iOS needs to grow if it's ever to be taken seriously as a full OS competitor on the iPad Pro! And for those of you that are thinking it's not meant to be, you are right, but it has to be more powerful than it is currently for a pro line tablet! Especially if it's in direct competition with devices such as Microsofts Surface Pro. In short, the gap between iOS and OSX is huge... which is expected on a phone, but not on a professional grade tablet marketed as a laptop replacement.

    I think the way to ultimately solve this would be to separate iOS builds between iPhone and iPad so that iOS for iPad can move forward without being held back by the iPhone's smaller screen and lesser power, because lets face it, the iPad hardware has moved forward leaps and bounds, it's just the OS that has not. All this aside, realistically at this point in time all we can hope for is extra features in iOS9.1 beta...

    So I think this would be a good place to suggest what you all think would benefit iOS in the immediate future?
  2. mattoligy, Sep 13, 2015
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    mattoligy thread starter macrumors 6502


    May 15, 2010
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    I'll start with a few suggestions of my own.

    Photos App

    The photos app in my opinion needs work overall but one thing is for sure, we need to be able to view exif information! A simple (i) up in the top right corner to view meta data such as file format, gps data and file size etc is a must.

    Music App

    Ok so lets say I've got all my old CD's ripped on a usb drive that I find in a draw and think, oh great, I'll put them on my iPad pro. How does one do this with out a desktop OS machine with iTunes? And say I did go to all the trouble of connecting my laptop replacement to a laptop to perform the basic task of transferring some music files and then later I realise some of the meta data is incorrect, how do I edit something simple like the song title or artists name? Hell, I want to go all out and change the artwork to something different and batch edit an album artist, how do I do that? And before you say it, this is a pro device right!?


    Three words, drag and drop. I'm not sure if this is already possible as I don't have an Air2 but I haven't seen it showcased in a single video so I'm guessing it's not. If one can't even drag and drop content such as photos between multitasked apps then this is far from acceptable on a pro device. If I'm working between both the photos app on one side of the screen and say pages on the other side because I want to add a lot of imagery to a word document, It's not going to be fun repeatedly copy and pasting content like the Microsoft guys were having to do between their apps at the keynote!


    Am I the only one that thinks just scaling up the icons and the dock to a bigger screen is stupid, ugly and unproductive? It's not hard Apple, just give users the option to resize the dock like they can in OSX, give users the option to choose different icon sizes and layouts, so a user can pick between more smaller icons or less larger icons on the homescreen. Technically this falls under accessibility so I think it's terrible this hasn't been included already.

    Control Center

    Apple really need to take a leaf out of Ryan Petrichs book... How can you call something a control center when it's that limited? It doesn't even "control" half of the functions in iOS! Control Center really is a half assed feature and it needs major improvement.

    Bluetooth Mouse support

    This one is obvious... A 13" screened pro tablet with keyboard input being marketed as core functionality but no mouse support? How hard can it be to include basic bluetooth mouse functionality in iOS, and not to mention the Magic Mouse sales that would be had by Apple if they did include bluetooth mouse support! The long and short of it is that the Apple wireless keyboard works on iOS and is being not only supported but improved upon in iOS so why not the magic mouse and trackpad? It seems like a no brainer considering how easy it would be on Apples part! And for those saying, It's A Touch Screen Why Do I Need A Mouse?? Well, because it's easily done and it would be good to have the option on a device as big as the iPad Pro, plus if it wasn't desirable then why would all the new laptops be including touch screens even though they have a trackpad...

    Keyboard improvements

    So now Apple are going full steam ahead with keyboard functionally they need to finish what they have started and make the keyboard do everything it can on a desktop OS in terms of navigation, and maybe even shortcuts, within reason.

    Some suggestions I made in another thread regarding keyboard functionality in iOS:
  3. v1597psh, Sep 13, 2015
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    v1597psh macrumors regular


    Feb 4, 2014
    Support for four apps in multitasking mode, open full functionality of iPad camera connection kit to connect more external devices, Finder-like file manager, more pro apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

    Added: Multi-User mode

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