Poor battery life in iOS 5.1.1 while using 3G

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SuperSnake2012, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Hey guys. Ever since 5.1.1 came out I've experienced poor battery life on my 4S. I used to get 6-7 hours of usage and at least a day of standby. Originally I thought it was related to my jailbreak, so I restored it back to stock. But my battery seems to be draining a lot faster than normal. Keep in mind most of my usage is listening to music on the train (while in airplane mode). I texted a few times on iMessage/SMS and checked my Facebook, all on 3G. My battery seems to drop around 2% a minute. The phone also seems to get very hot when using 3G, and I'll have a strong signal. Restoring doesn't seem to do anything. When I restore I am restoring via iCloud. Any ideas? Thanks guys.

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