Pop Behind Ads... why?


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Jan 23, 2002
i just wanted to see if anyone found any value other than a high irritational coefficient with pop up ads. Have you ever seen one (that wasn't to a free trial porn site) that you actually found interesting enough to click?

i thought that the great thing about the internet was that you could go where you wanted and find out about things that you choose?

i know i'm waxing Micro$oftian here, but does it seem that the motto of the internet is changing from "Where do you want to go today?" to "What else can we push at you today?"



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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I agree...

I have gotten so damned tired of websites taking forever to open because they find the need to load more & more cookies to keep track of u...and then the damned pop-ups...

can anyone tell me how to disable certain cookies on sites?! or is this not possible...so far I haven't figured out how... :rolleyes:


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Dec 29, 2001
Hotmail is a popup ad heaven....
click into a mail then 50000 ads poup at you and you can't get rid of em
until you quit your browser


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
I've found that disabling scripting in sites that are infamous for their pop-up windows is quite helpful. It'll disable all the good scripting too, but truly well-designed sites still remain functional even without JavaScript. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take!


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Feb 8, 2002
You know what bothers me most about pop-up ads... I'm more than happy to spend money and buy things, it just drives me crazy when my computer acts like a pushy salesperson.

If I want a car, I'll go to a car dealer. If I go to the car dealer, and they try to push me, I'll go to the next car dealer. I don't need to be pushed, I don't want to be pushed.

Why can't salespeople and advertisements lay off and leave me to make decisions and be there to answer my questions?

I think the problem is that there are lots of idiots who fall for pressure tactics and click on pop-up ads. To all of you who buy cars from pushy salespeople or click pop-up ads, I have two words for you:

Boo Hiss.


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Apr 12, 2002
i heard there is a new type of "one click install" popup now that appears to make you think you need to install something in order to view the site, and it installs whatever they want it too. viruses would get out so easy