Portable digital players: iPods rule, but consider other bra...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    I still love my iPod.:)
    The only thing that I don't like about it is that I can't listen to the NYC public library downloadable audiobooks. They work only with a pc with windows media 10 (plus an extra codec)and expire in 21 days(the file is still in your computer ,but the permission to play it expires) plus iTunes or Quicktime don't recognize them.
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    Thanks. But I'll stick with the iPod for now! :)
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    Same here. I will never buy another MP3 Player again, unless it's another iPod.
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    Jun 22, 2003
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    CR does like to load their language against Apple, while minimizing the benefits :) The rest of the issue has computer coverage, not much (but a little) better than their usual. For instance, putting down Macs for not coming with a word processor (many PCs do, but not all), yet not mentioning the moviemaking, Web-building and DVD software that Macs DO come with. (They touch on it only in passing as "multimedia software" with no explanation of what that might mean.)

    In the case of iPods, they say that Apple is superior in tech support vs. other PC makers, but that all audio player makers tend to have about the same support. Now, how to phrase that as a negative instead of an equal? Aha! "And iPods are at best undistinguished in tech support and features."

    At best? They have nothing that implies Apple is worse--they say it's equal--in tech support for music players.

    As for features, they tout radio again and again, but fail to mention calendars, contacts, games, photos, video, etc.

    They also make a big deal about battery concerns--big enough to consider avoiding the Apple brand: they cite data about 1 to 2-year old models that have lower battery life than their bulkier competitors. And that data is all well and good, but... if it doesn't refer to the CURRENT iPods, maybe there should be a footnote?

    As for more iPods reporting that their battery life has decreased over time (well, duh).... I wonder if they normalized for how much people USED their player. Hassle-free iPods do invite constant use in a way that other players do not.

    I wouldn't want them to slant TOWARD Apple, but it would be nice of they simply explained consumer options without bias against Apple. Would it hurt for them to mention that Macs can be easier to troubleshoot? Sounds like useful consumer info for the uninformed consumer seeking CR's expertise.

    CR should help people determine whether Mac or Windows is better, but all they will take away is: Macs have fewer viruses, and fewer other apps, and cost more--but tech support is good if you don't care about cost.

    CR even recommends that you add AppleCare to the cost of your Mac: not because Macs are trouble-prone and harder to use (which one might think) but because Apple has such good support it's worth the cost unlike other brands :eek:

    And no mention of Apple's form-factor advantages, which can be huge: slimmer, lighter laptops, and simple all-in-one desktops. People care about that--and CR does too... normally.

    PS, Apple increased their lead over all others in desktop hardware reliability. And firmly lost that crown to Sony for laptops.
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    " Portable digital players: iPods rule, but consider other bra..."

    i will consider another bra, thank you very much.

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