Possibility - Making your own backlit keyboards


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Sep 1, 2001
I cannot say this is possible - it is up to you to test it out.


I was wondering if anyone knew how much clearance a depressed keyboard on a PBG4 had, or on a iBook. I do know they are very easy to remove.

My thought was to cut the sheet into small strips and put the strips beween the keys and hook a small power source to the strips.

Too tired to write anymore tonight, but, if someone wants to expand on this line of thought...Oh yeah, white lettered keys might be hard to read on the PBG4, wheras iBook black letters may be easier to read when backlit...

MasterX (OSiX)

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Sep 3, 2001
iBook keys

My iBook (500Mhz) has translucent keys and black letters, the keys don't depress very much (maybe 1/3 that of a Pro Keybord). Oh and the backing for the keybord is aluminum or magnesium (something metal and opaque) so no luck there with lights.
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