Possibility of a new type of RAM in new iMac?


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Nov 14, 2011
A very hypothetical question here, but what are the chances of a new type of RAM being used in any new iMac apple eventually release?

I'm at the stage where my MBP is a little bit lacking in grunt for what I want to do but I can probably wait a little longer for an iMac refresh. I understand they both can take the same type of RAM if thats correct? So my plan is max out my RAM on my MBP for now, then wang it in the new iMac when it finally drops.

I'm not up on my components like I used to be in my PC days, is there a new type of RAM waiting in the wings?


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Jul 22, 2002
Yeah the Ivy Bridge iMac should use the faster RAM (SO-DIMM DDR3-1600) like in the 2012 MBP. The current iMac has SO-DIMM DDR3-1333.

I wouldn't buy any RAM right now until the iMac is release as it might have more than current 4Gb in some models, we just don't know the specs until it's released.
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