Possible to Airplay 4K videos shot on Airplay to 4K tv?


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Jul 31, 2013
I’ve been frustrated because in the past you couldn’t stream a 4K video shot on the iPhone to a tv as it would be converted to 1080p. Did Apple correct this? If not, what’s the point of filming in 4K on the phone?
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Feb 9, 2009
In all fairness, the Apple TV 4K has an absolutely superb HD to 4K upscale in it.

It's just the best to shoot in the highest quality - 4K. It's not just about putting it on the TV - you can edit your iPhone video in Final Cut Pro etc. I guess it's all about future proofing. Your 4K iPhone videos will still look FAB in 10 years time. Can't say that about 480p Digital Video or Hi8 or Betacam etc.

I'll make one thing very very clear. Your 4K iPhone video is uncompressed. It's HUGE!!!!!!!! YOU would be very very unhappy it you tried to stream it in 4K to your TV only to find that it stopped and buffered every 2 seconds wouldn't you! Chances are people would say that Apple had made a half baked product. And the problem is, it's because your WiFi router would not handle such a HUGE amount of data.

IF Apple was 1000000000% satisfied that it worked perfectly, then they would have announced it. The fact that they have not explains all.

Just be incredibly happy with the excellent 1080p AirPlay quality that gets very nicely upscaled to 4K on your Apple TV.
We have the LG 55" OLED TV and my gosh, 1080p HD upscaled to 4K by the Apple TV looks beautiful.

Not sure that you'd notice any difference coming from the tiny lens of the iPhone camera to be honest. Yes with a RED or Phantom £100K camera but not a phone!

Enjoy what you have and leave the IT and IT Reliability to Apple. It's clear that THEY know what they are doing. And, they do it very well.